18 November 1942 (2)

It only took the span of a few hours for Walt to realize that Texas, even in November, can be much more than warm. I lived in Texas for about 3 years and can confirm that it’s tough on Yankees.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

I Love You

Nov. 18, 1942

Hello Again Sweetheart,

How is yo all? I keep asking that all the time don’t I? I’ll have to think of a new way to open my letters.

This is my last two sheets of paper and my only letter—So you will be doing me a favor if you’ll write to Mom and tell her I arrived safe and sound.—I can’t get into San Antonio to get my $10.00—I got the pass allright but so far I haven’t found the right guy to sign it.

I was talking to a Cadet today I ask him about getting leaves for emergencies [changed to ci from a g].

He said he thot I could get one. I don’t know for sure so don’t depend on it too much yet. I probably won’t know for sure

[unnumbered page 2]

for 2 or 3 wks.—That’s bad isn’t it? Very bad.—I’m not going to say much more about it for awhile until I am fairly sure of what I say. I will give developments as they come along. I also want to see what the reaction in Ohio was to my little journey into Texas I mean as to what can be done and what can’t be done. That is one thing that has me stumped—It seems to me that it is going to take quite a sum of money to get here. If the financial resources are too limited we’ll have to work something out,—what I don’t know—I suppose the only thing would be to wait until there was more money but that is a bad suggestion isn’t it?—Well before I think anymore about it—I’ll wait till I hear from you.

And that reminds me Honey

I sure would like to hear from you. There isn’t anything I miss more then your letters—I don’t

[unnumbered page 3]

think there is any other girl in this mans Army that is as faithful about writing as you and I sure do appreciate it Honey—You are my Honey, aren’t you—and you love me also, don’t you? And I love you, do I not?—I sure do—I Love You.

Remember me telling you how warm it was last night and this morning—Well—it was really hot this afternoon—I would say around 90° or over. Very hot.—I perspired while I was walking along the road. It was too hot in the barracks. Well—It is dark now—I imagine it is around 8:00 and all I have on is a pair of socks and my fatigues which I have rolled down around my waist and It is still warm—like it is there in the summer. Seems strange doesn’t it? Sho does. [illegible cross out]

Say Honey—Still Love Me. Sho you do.

[unnumbered page 4]

Well this is my last sheet—I guess you know I borrowed this—Ha—

As I said—I haven’t much space left and I still don’t know what to say exactly. I’ve told you I loved you about as many ways as I can think of—and it makes me angry because I can’t think of anymore ways.—I think I know something that I never told you—I never knew how. I don’t yet—But do you know what I always see first (illegible cross out) when I picture you in my mind (my heart)—Your face, especially your eyes—I never in my life saw anything so sweet, so soul stirring, so beautiful as your eyes when you look square at me—My heart just turns one flip-flop after another—They seem to talk to me—you would never need to say a word—I still like to hear you say them tho. Maybe that is why we get along so quiet now and then—unh? Why, you know Honey—if you looked at me too long at one time I melt right in one spot so you’ld better be careful (and) you wouldn’t want me to melt would you—Or would you?

Well Honey—Until I get some paper which I hope is tomorrow—I’ll say—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You, more then I can tell you—

I Love You

Sleep tight

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

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