18 November 1942

Walt tends to keep his expectations low, not really expecting to classify as a pilot, but then he didn’t think he’d make it into the Air Cadets at all. He’s also keeping his expectations low about that Christmas wedding.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Nov. 18, 1942

Hello Sweetheart,

How is my Honey today? I hope she is O.K.

I am feeling fine, we arrived here (heading) last evening about 9 or 10:00.

It is warm, grass is green where there is any—In some of the small stations where we stopped on the way down you could smell flowers—It is wonderful as far as climate is concerned, so far.

I was looking at a map and Honey, I sure am a long, long way from you now, It gives me the chills to think we are so far apart.

I’ll give you the set up as far as I know it—And it doesn’t look any too “hot” for us. But—Just sit tight and I’ll try to find out a few things.

We are at this center to take classafying tests. So they will know whether

[unnumbered page 2]

we are fit for flying duty—Ground duty, etc.—I guess they are rather tough and I may never get into the air after all. Very probably I won’t.—We are not allowed to leave here at all for maybe 8 weeks unless it is for a very urgent reason. And I don’t know whether (our) they will consider our reason urgent enough—I am about too find out as soon as possible. So hold tight for a few days.—I hate to keep you in doubt, myself also—but I’ll have to travel easy.

After these tests we are classified, if fit for flying duty we go to pre-flight school which is part of Kelly Field, (it is just across the highway from us). There the Cadets are kept in closer then ever until they are thru pre-flight which lasts for 9 wks. after that I don’t know.——If unfit for flying duty you stay in the Air Corps—as what I am not sure.—But it will be ordinary G.I.—I guess. So I may be out of luck after all,—time will tell.

I sure do feel lost here—no letters from you—nor can I expect any for a few days—So we will have to make good use

[unnumbered page 3]

of telepathy, unh?—I guess you know Honey that I Love You—don’t you? Sure you do and the feeling is mutual.

I guess you know that if it wasn’t for Ruth I would be lost don’t you? So Honey—you can send me “wan beeg kees” unh?

There are planes flying over here all hours of the day and night—you can always hear them. Baby doll!

I’m kind of stumped right now for something to talk about—but one more time Honey—I’m going to tell you to sit tight and don’t rock the boat—I’ll let you know the details of the situation as soon as I can so we will know what to expect, and whether we can go ahead with our plans.—I sincerely hope we can—I don’t like to postpone things after

[unnumbered page 4]

they get rolling—I guess you know that I’ll do all I can to make our plans come true—One thing tho—if they don’t come true right at Xmas—they will at the first chance which shouldn’t be too long.—So—please don’t worry Honey

don’t worry

Good Morning

I Love You

x Walt x

I Love You.


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