2 November 1942 (2)

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

Nov. 2, 1942.

Hello Again

Here I am again Sweetheart—Don’t know what to say this time—except I love you—I guess that is something unh?

If this letter ends abruptly you will know the lights went out. I’ll mail it as it is then.

I suppose you’ll think that other letter is screwy but Snell said he would get a money order and send it—That is much safer then just plain old money. The nasty stuff—Who said that? WHO SAID THAT.

I meant that about your mother and Twila—So now you know that it is up to you entirely—You do now just what you want.—I guess when I think about it we couldn’t very well go to Denver—that is quite


aways. So—We will think of something.—If your mother and Twila comes along—we can stay in Kansas or I could meet you in Kansas City. or something like that—Do you know what—Fields swears up and down he was kiding me and that he isn’t married—he wants to be best man—Ha.—I don’t think he is—but I’m not sure—just the same he would make a good partner.—

Say—did you know I love you—did you know that?—You didn’t. Aw Honey—don’t you go kidding me like that for I know you do.—for you’re the one little sweetheart for me. Si, Oui, Da, Ya.

Goodnight Honey

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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