2 November 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You.

Nov. 2, 1942.

My Honey?

My Dearest Ruth,

And how is my Honey tonight? O.K. I hope.

I’m not going to write a very long letter tonight as I have to go to the P.X and get some supplies for the coming mo. I want to be sure and get them as I am almost broke.

I’m going to send you a little gold in this letter.—It is taking quite a risk but I’ll try it as I am always taking risks some way or another.

I tried to call you last evening but you weren’t home which was perfectly allright—Fields and were just making a big week end—He’s a real guy. We sure did bust things wide over Sat. and Sun. We decided we would live like “Kings for a day.” Maybe I shouldn’t of spent the gold—but I did. You know—We talked more


about our sweethearts then anything else. We sure do love ’em.

If you want to you can send ten bucks of this to —

Mr. O. B. Hawkins.
Rd #1 (Pittsburgh Rd.)
Franklin, Pa.

as I haven’t the proper change.

I Did you get my token of Love—I hope—My heart was on every stem.

Listen Honey—Guess maybe I was a little screwy on having your mother and Twila come out—Your letter I got a day or so after I wrote showed things to me in a different light—So if you want them to come out bring them out—I mean this too—We’ll do alright—I think maybe they should come out. I can get a best man too.

Goodnight Sweetheart     I Love You

I Love You     x Walt x

Note written on right side margin:

A guy is going to send a money order for me.

Note inside enveleope:

I Love You

I Love You


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