20 November 1942 (2)

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Nov 20, 1942.

Hello Ruth,

Say Honey—You know, I never did hear whether you got completely well or not, neither did I hear what was wrong with you. I hope I get a letter soon. I know I will get one as soon as you know where I’m at. So I guess I’ll quit mentioning the fact or your liable to think I mean that you’re not writing and that thought could never have the slightest beginning in my mind—Say Honey—Do you know I love?—Well—you do. I didn’t know whether I had ever told you or not.

Oh yes—my darling—You would probably die of laughter if you could see me now. My hair about an inch and a quarter long—Ha—Oh Dear—If I put oil on it it don’t look right—If it is dry it stands straight up. Ha. Well Maybe you will get a chance to see it one of these days. And then I’ll see the reaction. Ha. It sure looked funny to me at first—I’m getting used to it now tho. We had 2 hrs. exercise today and 2 hr. of drill. Wasn’t that nice?—Yeh.

[unnumbered page 2]

I have to go to chow pretty soon so you can see me again afterwards.

I suppose you will be surprised at getting two letters a day. Well—I tho’t I’d make up for lost time and also—just in case there comes a time soon when I’ll be too busy to write. I’ll sure have to be busy I’ll tell you.

Oh Yes—I didn’t get the $10.00 I wired for. He probably sent it allright but I didn’t get a chance to get when I came thru San Antonio and I can’t get in after it now.—So—I’ll do without—as usual—Ha—.

I see you

I Love You

x Walt x

Well Honey—Here I am again. Surprised? I just ate “chow”. As soon as I got back in the barracks I took off everything but my shorts and socks and here I am writing to you. Don’t you wish you were sitting beside me in your socks—Oh—what did I say—Oh well—I wish you were anyway. As if you didn’t know allready—unh. Well—well—maybe someday—no maybe

[unnumbered page 3]

about it. I’ll bet some of these days we will be together. No ifs (of) or ans about it—Is there? That’s just what I tho’t—I knew everything was allright. Ha.

Do you know what I would like to do,—go swimming—Say—of all the things we’ve done—we never did go swimming, did we? Nope—Well—I’m promising myself as of immediately that we will go swimming someday. Of course I don’t know just when, but we will.

You know I’ve had an idea. Listen if you have a surplus of money—write and tell me—I’d have to know before I can even think of the idea. Just how much did you figure we would need for you to come to me to get married—everything—And how close to the goal have you arrived.—I mean—including a trip to Texas, and this is a long way—You would have to find out the train fare and every little thing—I mean everything that it is possible to think of. For—I haven’t a cent—And won’t get paid for a long time, possibly a couple of mos.—In thinking

[unnumbered page 4]

of this—I am presuming that I will pass.—So let me know the full particulars, pretty please. My idea might not work, You know me—I’m full of lightning ideas that never work—but there is always a chance. I’ll probably need an ans. to this quick.

Hope it will work and if you hope long enough and hard enough it will probably work. I Love You.—If it don’t—well—that is just one try—I sure try again some other way.

I wish you could be here to enjoy the weather with me. It is wonderful. If I can—I’m going to try and get brown as a berry or even more brown then that—I don’t remember seeing any brown berrys but that is a colloquial expression they use at home.

Well Honey—For now—I’ll sign off.


Until tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

very, very much

I Love You

x Walt x

Cross your fingers, your heart, etc. [curvy arrow to last phrase] better cross your heart unh?

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