21 November 1942

Walt is happy with the better “chow,” better pay, and especially the officer’s cap in Texas, even though he is still keeping low expectations about passing all the tests.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,    }
J’aime Vous, } Comprenez Vous?
Yo Te Amo,   } Sure—I tho’t you did.

Nov. 21, 1942.

Hello Dearest,

How are you this Nov. day, O.K. I betcha.

We had a lovely morning, played some Volley Ball and touch Football. At 10:00 we took the first part of our physical. Urinalysis, blood test, X ray, that was all today. This afternoon I hope we don’t have to do anything as it is raining a little. And besides I like to stay in, and if we do I’ll very likely write you another letter, So there—See—I think of you quite a bit and think quite a bit of you too, if you didn’t know.

I suppose we will finish our tests Mon. That will be the big day—the one that decides everything as far as starting to school is concerned. Oh Me. That is the one big thing everybody is talking about now. The main part of the exams is the eye test and the Schnieder. The latter is a blood pressure test for nerves and such things—It has to be on the line to pass; My blood pressure does

[unnumbered page 2]

funny things—especially when Ruth Dailey is anywhere near me—Ha. Of course I think the Dr. would say that it was natural—His blood pressure would very likely to rise also.

Right now—rather I should say just before I started to write again—I was looking at (the) a beautiful picture—There isn’t an artist in the world who could have painted a picture of a sweet faced angel like the one I was looking at. Because the girl in the picture (wo) couldn’t be half so sweet to him as she is to me. She is my Sweetheart—Now and forever more.

I don’t think she could be any different if she tried—it is born in her—it shines about her like a light—That light is a beacon, I’ve set my course by it—So—if it never goes out—I’ll never get of my course. And I’m not afraid of getting lost—I’m right on that beam. One of these days it will guide me (ho) home.

Well Honey—for now—until a little later I’ll say

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

[unnumbered page 3]

Hello again my sweet,

I have just returned thru a hard rain, from the “Chow” hall. So methinks I will write my Darling a few lines. Think that will be O.K? O.K then I’ll do it. I believe I failed to mention our “chow” here—I don’t believe I’ll call it “chow” I think I’ll call (them) it food and meals and all the nice things I can think of. For we really get good meals here. For the first time since I’ve been in the Army we get homemade cake, good pies—the meat is done—we get milk for breakfast and dinner. It is well cooked and very tasty. Very good—Amen. It cost us a dollar a day tho so it ought to be better.

I haven’t told you about our pay set up either have I? Well—We get $75.00 a month cash + $30.00 – $30.00—The $30.00 is for the meals—Ha. For the first two or three months tho I guess our 75 bucks is hit pretty hard (if you stay that long) You have to buy some personal equipment out of your pay—such as athletic uniforms, club dues—Laundry and dry cleaning cost $1.50 per wk. etc.

[unnumbered page 4]

After that I guess it is a lot better. Another little fact that I’ve forgotten whether I told you or not. Of the fellows who pass the physical and get thru the 9 weeks of pre-flight—50% of them “wash-out” (fail) in primary—that is when they first start to teach you to fly.—Slim chance for me unh?

Well—I guess that is enough talking about the Cadets isn’t it—Oh no—I forgot—They issued us some clothes today. Our “Officer’s Cap”—It is just like an Officer’s Cap—except it has a (lone) black band around it just above the bill—Rather improves the looks instead of diminishing them, I think. Then if by some possible chance you manage to make it all you have to do is take the black band off and put a different insignia on the front. The one that is on it now is a pair of golden wings with a silver propeller runing vertically thru the center. That is also the cloth insignia on our shirts etc. Up until a couple of wks

[unnumbered page 5]

ago they also issued Officers blouses but when I came along they quit that also, my bad luck unh? My blouse looks like hell too. We wear two U.S. insignias on our collar like an officer and two small sets of golden wings on our lapels (like the large one on our cap). (on our lapels). (P) We are suppose to be potential officers—Ha. We also wear a U.S. and a small set of wings on our shirt collar when we don’t have a blouse on. If (wh) we would have only obtained the officer’s blouses we would have looked very nice—As it is we will still look almost like an ordinary G.I. Oh well—I probably won’t be here long anyway. If I can ever change those gold wings into silver ones I’ll be one happy fellow. Enough of that stuff.

Say—If you ever see Ruth Dailey tell her Hello and give her my love will you, thanks a lot, I can’t let her forget that I love her. That would be a calamity or worse. See if she still has that mass of lovely, lovely hair and if she ever thinks of Walt. Ask her if she still loves me him—will you (tell) Do that  for me unh? Sometimes I wonder if she ever has those funny little dreams she used to have—or—

[unnumbered page 6]

does she ever get those wistful, longing looks in those wonderful eyes of hers, Do you know—unh? And does she ever burst out with her funny little laugh when she hears a funny joke or something. Maybe you’ld better ask her again if she loves Walt—I know she tells him she does but he likes to hear her say so—I guess maybe you can’t tell him too many times ’cause he don’t get tired of it.

Say—bet you think I’m a little “goofy” don’t you?—Oh well—might as well admit it. I guess I’m goofy over you.

Well Honey—’till tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

– –––– –––

x xxxx xxx

(          )


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