22 November 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Nov 22, 1942


I wish you could be here this morning, It is Sunday, and the most beautiful morning—Sun shining, slightly cool after the rain but it will be plenty warm in an hour or so, Makes a person feel extremely good.

It doesn’t feel quite complete tho, nothing nice ever feels complete to me when you are not with me. When the time comes that we can be together and share our experiences with each other, that will be the day—One we’ve been waiting on for quite sometime now, but it will come around eventually. And if we are lucky, maybe it won’t be too far away. Unh?

Some “droop” in one of the non-com’s room just had Russ Morgan on the radio and then turned him of—Does that ever burn me up.

Maybe I’ll get a letter from you tomorrow. I hope so. Seems like an awful long time since I’ve heard from you. Maybe I get a bunch of them all at once. It is like having a telephone that don’t work when I don’t get any letters from you. Maybe if I’d stay in one place I wouldn’t have any kick coming unh?—If I don’t stop saying

[unnumbered page 2]

“unh” I’ll be having a terrible habit won’t I?—I guess I’ve been saying it for 10 or 11 months now. So maybe it don’t make much difference. It makes it seem more like I’m talking to you when I say “unh”

Well—guess I stop for now—will write more later on today, when I get a new inspiration—O.K?—O.K!


I Love You

x Walt x

Hello Sweetest—Ruth—Ruth Mae, Miss Dailey—my darling, otherwise know as my Honey—

Are you still there?—where!—Why where ever you were when you started this letter.—You are!—Good.—got a kiss for me—a big one? You do! Well don’t be so bashful and selfish, lets have it. I haven’t been kissed for so long it wouldn’t surprise me but what I’ve forgotten what it is like—I guess you know that is a damn lie—I’ll never forget that, For one kiss from you right now I’d almost start walking home—only I’d get caught and probably wouldn’t get to kiss you for a longer time.

[unnumbered page 3]

One of the fellows was going to take me to the show this afternoon, but when we got there that line was so long we decided not to go, maybe we will tonight.

Tomorrow will probably be the day that tells the story—I guess I’ve only told you that about a half a dozen times so far in the last couple days so I’ll get off the subject.

Remember I told you it would get nice and warm—it did—It is a beautiful day and not in Chicago either. Deep in the heart of Texas. Sometimes I’d like to get the chance to go across the border into Mexico. Just to give it the once over and to be able to say that I’d been there. I guess it is a lot different then over here. Who knows maybe I’ll get the chance.

You know—I have a notion to tell you the idea I had—you know—about us. The reason I did not tell you was—I didn’t want to build up any false hopes—because my idea might not work.—but you’re even more level headed then I—so I might

[unnumbered page 4]

just as well tell you—if they [arrow to parenthetical phrase] (my ideas) don’t work we still have Easter coming around, but I would like to get married on or about XMas time like you wanted to. Well—

I thought if there was enough money on hand, as soon as I (pa) find out whether I pass the physical, and if I do. Then, (if you) if (you) I could get a furlough before we enter (fur) preflight and if you could come down here then, and forget about the day before Christmas, we could get married b There is a lot of “ifs” tho. Can I get a furlough—Do you have the money—Can you get away from your job then (–a few days)—from now) do you want to do it that way—do you want to wait—where would we go—could I meet you part way somewhere, my mind keeps going around in circles.

I think the main issues are these two things. Is there’s enough money in the crowd—I doubt it. Can I get a furlough or will I get an opportunity to get one—I’ll be blessed if I know.

So—I’ll see what information

[unnumbered page 5]

I get from you before I rack my brains on the subject again.

All thru this letter I’ve been trying to right better, but, as soon as I start to tell you something I forget about it. I get interested in whatever I’m trying to tell you and I fall at once into my old, rotten way of writing. In fact I’m so terrible at writing now that I can’t notice much difference between it. I mean when I try to write good and when I (try) write in my usual method.

Think I can learn all over again, I doubt it very much myself. During my last few years of school I didn’t care as long as I could read it myself—Ha.

Well Honey—I’ll say

Good Afternoon


I love you

x Walt x

See you later on, this evening

I Love You

x Walt x

[unnumbered page 6]


Here I am again—as this is “this evening” mentioned in the foregoing part of the letter—Remember? Of course you do—remember—It was (is) on the other side of the (this) page—Aww—I knew you would—Ouch, what did you slap me for—I was only fooling—I knew your memory is better then that—Forgive me—Kiss me.—Say Honey—you don’t suppose I’m going “stir crazy” do you? Ha—Well—I can’t just sit down and fill a page with a multitude of “I Love You” can I?—I have to write something. So I might as well keep you busy trying to put the proper inflection on some of those childish sentences I write. I often wonder if you emphasize the same words I do. If you don’t these letters must sound awful dumb and uninteresting. I think I’ll take time off now to load my pipe and bum a match off of someone around here

[unnumbered page 7]

Well Honey, I’ve got my boiler all steamed up, smoke flying and all ready to set sail, do you mind the smoke from my pipe? if you do I’ll put it out. It will smell almost as bad if it is out tho as it is powerful enough now to walk by itself—once in awhile I have to give it a helping hand but not often. In fact, I (layed) laid it down the other evening for a short time and in a little while I heard the rankest profanity issueing from it that a person ever heard—I ask it what the trouble was—It said I had laid it on the left side and it couldn’t sleep on it’s left side, it’s stem had gone to sleep and it couldn’t roll over—you know how you feel when you leg goes to sleep don’t you? Well that is just how my pipe felt. He [written over It] told me the other day that he wanted a pass so it could go out and run into some females—I told him “by God,” as long as I had to stay away from my girl he could stay right with

[unnumbered page 8]

me—More profanity. I’ll have to try some severe disciplinary action on him, Maybe if I would put a little Cutty Pipe in him he would get a change of heart—do you think so. If you can suggest anything that would be of any help to him or myself don’t hesitate to write and tell me.

My goodness Honey—It seems as if I’ll never run out of B.S. (Bull Shit) today.  haven’t had a drop of liquor since Kansas City either. Tsk, Tsk.

Well Honey—all things must come to an end—so

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

May the days be merry and bright
May all your Christmas’s be white.

except—under proper circumstances, that is if possible—you might spend one in Texas—Where it very likely won’t be white. It won’t matter

I Love You  x Walt x


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