28 November 1942 (2)

A transcript follows the letter images.


Nov 28, 1942

I Love You,          12:05
Hello Sweetheart,
Dearest Ruth,

I believe I like the second salutation best—what do you like best. The word that always pops into my mind is “Honey”—It has been worn out thru the years but I suppose I will continue to use it. My Honey? Sure you are. Ha.

I suppose you think it is rather strange for me to be writing at this time of the night. I didn’t have to get up until two o’clock for Guard.—but—I couldn’t go to sleep. I just laid on the bunk and kept thinking of you and the airplanes—a strange mixture unh? They are flying over all the time—low—There motors make a magic music to one who likes the sound of them—I love it.

I’ve been thinking of you and I—of the way things could of

[unnumbered page 2]

been, and of the puzzle we are in now. I made a picture in my mind of how thinks would be—How nice it would be if I got a furlough and if you came down here. It would be lovely wouldn’t it?

I also thought of flying, how I’d like to be up there in the sky—going like a bullet—It is one of the most free feelings I believe a person could have. And I really want to fly. Well—It was strange—I thought it over from every angle I could think of:—How nice it would be if we got married—If not now, then when would we get the chance. What is the outcome of all this going to be—I didn’t know—but—I realized how insignificant I am—How much those matters seem to be in someone else’s hand—This probably seems queer coming from me—but right there I placed it in someone else’s hand—or rather admitted it was already there and decided that I would let it rest there. I never professed to be religious altho I always believed—rather you might say I

[unnumbered page 3]

didn’t live up to what I believed. This time—I’m figuring that maybe he knows more about what should be, then I—If he wishes—we will be together soon—If not—we will be as soon as conditions will permit us. I’m trusting that he will take care of that better then we.

This is rather against some principle I had—If I thought it was a cowardly way of looking at the matter I would tear this up and put the subject out of my head. I don’t believe it is tho—So there it is—I’ve told you—something it would be kind of hard to tell somebody else for some reason or another. “Keep it under your hat.”

So Honey—what ever happens—If we believe it is for the best—It will be for the best. It has been said that true love is the stronger for the hardships it endures. or words to that effect. I know ours is one that won’t grow weaker—but will be ever

[unnumbered page 4]


Well—I feel better that I’ve told you—My mind had been going around in circles the last few days—But I feel better now. Trusting you do also.

Maybe I’d better quit preaching for awhile and tell “My Honey” how much I Love Her unh? I guess she knows I can’t do that, they don’t make any standard measures that could convey the quantity, or amount; nor the quality. But I guess maybe you know—I Love You, and will forever. Guess I’ll say Goodnight, or rather—

Good Morning Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx

I will still be very disappointed if we don’t get “hitched” now—very, very much so, but I believe I’ll feel a little better about it.


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