29 November 1942

Walt finally finishes For Whom the Bell Tolls, abut didn’t like the ending. Maybe he will like the 1943 film with Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman better than the book, if he gets some time off flight training.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

nove 29, 1942

Dearest Ruth,

How is my Honey today—O.K?—O.K. She has a boil on her leg—hmm. Not so good. Hope it gets better soon.

I’m as good as can be expected. As nothing has happened to me that could be bad, or against me, I could be expected to be well Therefore I am well—O.K.—not ill, or anything else like that.

The only think—(make that “k” a “g”) that is the matter with me is—”I want to see you.” But firmly believing that anyone in their right mind would want to do the same. I still don’t think any think—(make that “k” a “g”) is wrong with me—I’m nuts—am I not?

About my hair cut—It wasn’t a “butch” but it will be tomorrow—Ha. It

[unnumbered page 2]

was cut just about short enough that I could still part it. But it stood straight up in the air and was too long to let it be like that. So—guess I’ll have to make it a “butch”—I know I’ll look like the devil but it can’t be helped. Ha.

I suppose the announcement was in the paper Sat.—Well—guess that was O.K. but it is liable to have to be postponed. I’m almost sure of it. (I’m) I should say I am sure, but—I like to think there is some slim chance even when I know there isn’t.

You know the letter I wrote in pencil the other night. Strange as it may seem—I get a letter from you the following day and you say the same thing—Well—nobody can say we are not of the same viewpoint unh? It seems queer—must be a delayed telepathy—For your letter was on the way when I tho’t of it.

So you are going to get me a Xmas present—I guess you know that I don’t believe I’ll be able to do much

[unnumbered page 3]

along that line. In fact it looks like I’ll be run pretty short. I guess we fellows have to buy a number of things. If I manage to get thru preflight I think I’ll (by) buy myself a new blouse unless they should issue me one and I’m pretty sure they won’t. An officers blouse looks much better then these old G.I. things we have now.

I finished “For Whom The Bell Tolls or “Bells toll” or somepin’. Not a bad book. I didn’t like the ending very well tho.

I just ate “chow” and I’m so full I feel like sleeping. I eat too much—Ha.

I think I’ll start tonight and go into for some physical training. There are a few “balls of red tape” to go thru before I know whether I will enter preflight or whether I won’t. Just in case I want to start getting in shape for it will be a “tough go” over there.

[unnumbered page 4]

It sure was too bad you had to work on Thanksgiving Day, I always hated to work on holidays—In fact I didn’t go out for them—usually anyway. I believe there were several times I didn’t go to work and they weren’t all holidays either—Ha. I’d rather be with my Honey then work. Some day I’ll be working for her—That won’t be so bad tho. I hope that won’t be so far away.

Well Honey

Until Tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

I Hope our luck turns for the better

I Love You



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