3 November 1942

I’m not sure why the post office forwards this letter to Ruth’s parents’ address in Youngstown, since the remaining letters all go to the Warren address.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Nov 3, 1942.

I Love You

I sure do!

Hello Ruth,

There was some nice thoughts in your letter—in the poetry—I liked them both.—It is very seldom that anybody ever writes anything about brown eyes where they are concerned with men.—Ha.

Did I say almost broke—ha—I tho’t I might as well make a lot or none after I got the cig. and soap and razor blades—and I didn’t make a lot—Oh me. Well you should be glad you’ll get a lot of letters this month.

I can’t hardly write for guys bothering me—wish they would leave. Ha—they (sju) just left.—or heck I just tho’t they did.

Fields lost his money—Snell lost his—We’ve all lost in this corner


so—Guess we will all stay in together.

Still figuring out the problem unh? Keep (rit) right on figuring Honey, You’ll win.

I rode a motorcycle for about ten miles today—on cement roads—dirt roads—right across field, bumps and all—Some fun I’ll tell you—kind of dangerous tho—The guy who went with me said I done the best for practically a beginner that he ever saw. He is a “rider” and know his stuff. There is a lot of difference between a “rider” and motorcyclist—A rider is one that can make one talk. An ordinary motorcycle rider is one like you see in the cities.—These “riders” go “cross country” over any (time) kind of (terrian terrain) (damn it.) ground, any time. That’s a job—one of the most dangerous in the Army, even in peace time.

The boys are still “shooting


“crap” in the corner—”7 or 11 this time”—”Alright dice lets 7″—”8 skates and donates”—”Fever (Five) in the South”—”Little Joe” (four)—”Make this Joe and I’ll shoot it all”—”Six, dice, one time—another buck I’ll six.” “Crap, damn it”—Two to one on the nine” “Dollar on a new point” “Shoot five”—”Shoot—I got cha”—Thats a bunch of “crap lingo—isn’t it awful. Tsk-Tsk.

Well Honey—Guess what

I Love You.

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You


Very Much

x Walt x

I Love You  x xxxx xxx

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