7 November 1942 (2)

Walt tries narrating a letter with song titles for each paragraph. I’m not sure about the numbering order which begins and ends with 1 and is out of order in between. Clearly, he means to end with his #1 song, but the rest of the numbering is unclear. Of course, he could be creatively responding to a list that Ruth sent him.

This letter is a good example of the faded ink in some letters; this one is particularly hard to read. Some colors and shades have endured better than others.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

Nov. 7, 1942.

Here I am Honey

Once More.

1. “I’ve Got A Girl In Kalamazoo.”

I haven’t got a girl in  ”  , but I’ve got one in Ohio that has them all beat—her name is Ruth.—A bulletin—”American forces invade French Africa.”

First Appearance—”Gods Of Love”

I hope honey if I’m ever in an invasion I’m at the controls of a “P-47″—bzzzz—about 450 mi. per hr.—Wow!

5.—”Seranade In Blue”—I sure do like my honey in blue—Guess maybe I’ll be seeing her in blue soon to unh?—Sho! I’ll give her an extra kiss for being dressed in blue—I’ll bet she won’t be “feelin blue” tho

7—”Dearly Beloved”—I Love You, the song is beautiful and so are you.

8—”Daybreak”—You said you never saw daybreak—you will with me someday‚ Love Me?

9—”Manhattan Seranade”—Isn’t it a nice song—I like it—But every time I say like, I go by progressive steps and the first thing you know I think of love—and you know—it is funny—but bingo! I think of “Ruth.” Those two words sure do go together in my mind.

6—”I Came Here To Talk For Joe”—Walt don’t need anybody to talk for him—he kinda hopes he’ll be in the sky someday—but his Honey can be sure of his love and thoughts without a “John Alden.” And I know that if I were in the sky I’d have my girl’s (wife’s) heart right with me—It would bring me luck.

3—”My Devotion” is as endless and deep (deeper) as the ocean. The song is worded better then I can say it.

2—”Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition.” It makes a good motto doesn’t it?

1.—”White Christmas”—The best song in the lot, Christmas means a lot.


Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

So Long for awhile

I Love You

x Walt x

Note inside envelope:

I Like Blue

x Walt x

When your in it.

x xxxx xxx


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