7 November 1942

Walt is on again about wanting to go to Alaska someday, and in general about his having a “restless streak.” I see a kind of restlessness in his writing style, with all those dashes or whatever those lines are meant to be. It’s like a period (or full stop) would slow the pace of his thinking, and if that’s the case, then we’re just lucky to get the dashes for some relief.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

Nov 7, 1942

Keep your back straight.

Good Evening Sweetheart,

How is my darling Ruth tonight? I hope you are in better circumstances then I am. I am broke, lonely, tired, restless and wish I could see you. I can’t go anyplace and you know me—when I can’t go anywhere Im licked—except when I’m with you—Then I’m satisfied if I know you are.

I’m waiting—(not patiently) on that bundle (of love) of personally delivered hugs and kisses. The sooner the month of Dec. comes rolling along the better I’ll like it. I hope Santa brings me that beautiful little present I’ve got ordered—and thats you—Guess maybe (I) He will unh?—You know Honey—Since we’ve really been planning [above line: n; below line nn] to get married I can’t hardly wait for the day—I am really and truely planning on getting married “come Christmas time.”


I think I am going to drive the Maintenance truck to Kansas City on the 11th. and I don’t have a dime—I (don’t) imagine that will be a dead trip.

I don’t know whether I told you or not but I believe your suggestion of K.C. is a good one—it is a nice town. We’ll see when the time comes.

Say—that babe you were telling me about must be a “pip” unh?—I told Nellie about her he said he would like to meet her and play her slot machine—Eeeeoww!

I was just looking over an old letter—in it you ask me what B.Y.N.F. means—Honey. I can’t figure out what your talking about—If I wrote it I must have been drinking or sleeping—and I haven’t had much to drink and usually as a rule don’t write in my sleep.


So if it was me—please tell me how I used it—or if it was somebody else, how they used it or give me a hint or sompin’.

You say in the same letter that you don’t have a golden negligee but if you get the one you want I’ll probably like it—Now Honey—it isn’t probably—I would like you in anything—with or without—whoa now—I would tho—Just so you don’t wear a night gown made out of white broadcloth or an old sheet—ha.—unless we go to Alaska—Ha. then I guess you will have to wear “red flannels”

You know—remember—how I told you that if I talked about something long enough it usually turned out that I done it sometime or another. All this talk of Alaska has been purely B.S.—but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if we wound up in Alaska someday—wow—wouldn’t that be something.


Do you suppose I’ll ever get over that little restless streak I’ve got. Probably will after we get married unh?—I done pretty good before, (we got marr) while we (we) were going together didn’t I. It wouldn’t make so much difference would it?—If you were with me—If you were with me I’d be happy anywhere as long as you were happy yourself. I think probably if we were together and I had a satisfactory job of some kind I probably wouldn’t want to go anywhere unh?

Listen to me “prattle” as Mom says. I’m just like a little boy sometimes, think so—Ha.—

Well Ruth—I think I’ll close for the night—So

Bon Soir

Ma belle un

J’aime Vous

x Walt x

J’aime Vous     I Love You


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