8 November 1942

Walt starts out writing in one direction, then turns the paper 90° and writes three more “pages” on the single sheet. Here’s what the front of the letter looks like:

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Nov. 8, 1942.

Dearest Ruth,

Now listen Honey, what can the matter be? You out to know better then to go and get sick when I’m not around to help you get well right away. That old stuff just isn’t going to get it. Guess you know that don’t you. Just because I sent you some flowers you don’t have to get sick—I didn’t send them to an invalid—I sent them to my Sweetheart and she’d better get well quick.


What is the Croublation anyway—Shouldn’t I ask or should I. For every ailment there is a reason, So—keep warm—right diet—don’t “fret”—and love me and you’ll be O.K. Unh?

I’m crazy am I not? Sho am. Just the same you’ld better get well, and fast—That’s an order!, because it worries me when my Honey doesn’t feel right—I want her to always be O.K.

Maybe if you can lay in bed a few days and get some rest you’ll feel better—Just chase your grandmother out and rest and rest and rest—and if you feel like it read and read and if you don’t feel like it sleep. If I was you I’d stay there just as long as I wanted to. Sleep is good for beauty—So you can sleep and do me a favor by staying the beautiful, sweet little girl you


are. Never worry about anything just relax!

Say just listen to me preach and ramble would you. You will probably be kicking both heels in the air by the time you get this—if not, take notice. I’m the best Docter you ever saw.

Say Sweetheart do you remember a little guy that used to hold you and help put you asleep—at least I always flattered myself (and) by telling myself that I helped put you asleep—Maybe I was wrong about that too, unh?—Ha. Well Honey—when you want too go to sleep real quick just imagine that I’m holding you—maybe that wouldn’t be so good unh?—Maybe you’ld wake up unh? I bet I’ve held you a good many times while I was drifting off to dreamland.

I tried to call you this afternoon for 4 hrs. and the call wasn’t


thru yet so I cancelled it. It is hard to tell how long it would have taken. It makes me sort of angry at the telephone facilities they have—No service at all—I don’t even excuse the damn war where your concerned.

It is almost time for “lights out” Honey—So I guess maybe I’ll say

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love you more and more.

Better be better in tomorrows letter,

I Love You

x Walt x

I do love you

You’ll be Mrs. by Christmas

I Love You

x Walt x

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