9 November 1942

One line in the letter is from Walt’s friend Fields, in his handwriting. I put it in italics to distinguish it.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You
two or three times
+ more then you
can count.

Nov 9, 1942.

My Dearest Ruth,

Say Honey—you’ld better get well, I don’t like those letters saying you are still sick—I don’t like them at all. Especially when I don’t know what is the matter. It is like holding a sword over my head—I don’t know anything except that you are in bed and ill—No good. I won’t get a letter now for a couple of days as I am going to drive the maintenance truck to Kansas City—starting a 5:30 tomorrow morning. If I can get a call through I’ll call you while I’m there. Wish I knew how sick you are—Better get better fast.

If it’s physical—rest. (If) Stay in bed and rest. If you are worrying about anything—forget it—You know nothing can happen to you or me or both of us that we can’t turn in to an asset.


Honey—I don’t like to do this but I borrowed ten dollars from a guy so I could make this trip. I told him I’d pay him back as soon as I could send to you and get it. So would you please send me ten smackers ($) And when you get here I’ll give you ten extra, big smackers, (kisses) pretty please.

You know Honey‚ I think it would be better for you if you did work in Youngstown. It be much more convenient for you—More things to fill in your time and keep you busy—More fun—More friends—only one drawback—Your Grandmothers nagging—ha—Nearer town—Nearer theatres, And I like Youngstown better—Seeeeeee.

I rather believe your mother and Dad would rather have you home to. Your always agg arguing with your ma but she sure is interested in you—I’ll tell the world she is. Maybe after Christmas you can get another job—Maybe a better one unh? It would be nice if you could work again for your old loss—He seemed like a nice guy.


No Honey—I really and truely don’t believe Fields is married—In fact he told me when he was half drunk that he wasn’t so I think he was telling me the truth. (Listen Ruth don’t believe a thing Walt tells you I am really and truley a happley married man. Fields) Listen Ruth—He is a damn liar. He just made a slip—I can’t very well tell you what it was but it proved he isn’t married. (xWaltx)

Well Honey—It is getting cold in here and the only place I can keep warm is in bed. I only have one blanket to cover me at that as the other two are done up in a bed roll as we will “roll out” at 4:00 and won’t have time to make it up then



Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

Hurry and get well

I Love You

too much to have you sick, So you’ld better get better

Better get better

I Love You

x Walt x

You’ll be Mrs. by Christmas.

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