12 October 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You.

Oct. 12, 1942.

Your back should be stronger now—Isn’t it?

Hello Sweetheart—long time no hear from me—but I have time to write tonight as I am “Cpl. of the Guard”—isn’t that something?

Sat. I drove to a football game, got back about 6:25—Harold Evans and I went to Nebraska (don’t look right) with Schwietz, he went to Omaha to school—we “hitch-hiked” back—arrived at 12:00 last night—so you see I haven’t had much time.

They gave me the letter today that you wrote me on the 4th. That was the one I wanted to get. I wanted to hear how you liked my friends, I am glad you liked them—They’ll do to ride the river with. I think Bert Hawkins is one swell guy.

So your counting the days to Xmas are you—so am I Honey—It won’t be long—but it will seem


like a long time. I hope every thing turns out like we want it too—That will be lovely won’t it.? It sure will. Love me?—I Love You.

You sure did win the prise the day left, only—If you had to cry it’s too bad I couldn’t of helped you out a bit. We will see each other soon tho if everything works out O.K.

I hated to see Schwietz go to Neb. If I go to the Air Corps I probably won’t see him again. He was a nice guy—one of the best. We called ourselves the “furious five”—Ha—It is getting slightly broke up now tho—We plan on a reunion sometime after the war is over—we are going to meet at Pierces—bring our wives and have one big time—I hope it turns out—don’t you?—Why sure you do.

Fields did get married when he was home—the “cluck” didn’t tell me till yesterday—I didn’t believe it, am not sure yet—but he writes

[unnumbered page 3]

his letters—Mrs. Christina Fields—So—maybe he did, unh? Lucky guy—I could sure kick myself for being the cause of us not getting married when I was home,—I’ll let you be my boss from now on—Ha.

I can’t hardly write now for guys talking—They keep talking to me.

Do you know—I haven’t written to Mom or Sib yet—I must write soon, it seems as if I am doing something all the time tho. Maybe I will get time tonight. I better or Mom will wonder what happened to me.

Well Honey—It is time to get my relief off post—so—For tonight—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x      x xxxx xxx

I hope I’ll address my letters to you as Mrs. by Xmas time. Love x Walt x


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