14 October 1942

Even if he did buy Ruth a pair of silk hose and mail them, I’m surprised Walt wrote this letter on October 14 and didn’t say Happy Birthday.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

Oct. 14, 1942

How’s the back.

Hello Sweetheart,

How is my Honey tonight? O. K. I Hope. So am I, I hope—Ha.

I didn’t write last evening as I went to town to get my supper, the chow at Camp wasn’t any good.

I hope I made up for it tho, I don’t know for sure—I bought a pair of silk hose and mailed them to you, I don’t know whether they are any good or not—I was told they were. If they are O.K. tell me—there is one more pr. just like those—the only pair in town. If they are allright I will get them, if not there is no use wasting the money—I didn’t know whether you would like them or not but I took the chance.

I think it would be a good idea for you and Twila to stay away from the park—it isn’t a very good place to walk unless you are accompanied by a man or a gun or both.


I am glad you got the hat and shoes you wanted—They sure must be nice—Maybe I’ll see them one of these days in the future. I hope so—

You know Honey—I am afraid sometimes that I will be sent away before Christmas. I hope not. That would be the last straw. I hope nothing happens to spoil it for us now.

I don’t know how many letters I have written exactly, but it seems to me that you should have got more then one. I know I haven’t written often enough but I think I have written more then that—Maybe not tho. My memory is bad—except my memories of Ruth—They will never fade—They couldn’t—the’re printed with indelible ink right across my heart.

I think (I’ll) I’ve said enough for tonight Honey—So—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you very, very much

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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