15 October 1942

I guess the concern about “powder blue” has to do with what Ruth will wear to be married in at Christmas. We’ll see if there’s any more discussion of that. Anyway, it will help us see that B & W photo in a more colorful light.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Oct. 15, 1942.

Hello, Honey,

I recieved two lovely letters tonight—two lovely, lovely letter. They were the answers to the answers to your suggestions. Two very, very, lovely, sweet letters. They sure do make me feel like a King—I think you must be slightly enthused also by the sound of your letters.

We will have to beat that little red headed friends time don’t you think—You’ld better figure out some ways. unh?—5 or 7 days or so, or however long it lasts would knock 10 days on the head—wouldn’t it? Ha. Better come 2 weeks before—Ha. or after.

I got my ring today—Honey—I sure do love that ring—Especially as it is from my Sweetheart.

Oh Yes! [below line with arrow pointing to Oh Yes: (I forgot)] I think powder blue is perfectly allright—I think you are adorable in blue—You are sweet in anything, but


your—uh—Your lovely to look at in blue—besides it is appropriate—unh?

Honey—I don’t know how in the world yous will be able to use “Because” out here—of necessity it will very likely have to be simple and maybe hurried. I don’t have the slightest idea whether I will be able to get any time off or not—It is highly probable that I won’t. I hate it too, I always figured we would get married anyway you wanted to, but circumstances alter cases. Nevertheless—it’s married we will be, if possible, if we have to be married at an Indian ceremony. Just joking, Honey,—I would’ve kinda liked to have been married in a church the way you wanted it—We could if we would imagine the bridesmaids—the people—the accompaning couple—etc. Have you that much imagination—Ha.

So you lost your good boss, did you S Maybe you will have more work to do now. Say—how is your back now—I tho’t I would keep remembering you—Maybe I should mind my own business unh?—I guess


your my business aren’t you Honey—You sure are—I’m making you my sole (soul) interest—My only investment—I could think of a good “crack” there—which reminds me of another one. Ha.

Well Ruth—It is getting rather late—Guess I’ll close for now—So

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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