16 October 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Oct. 16, 1942

I Love You

Hello Ruth my sweetheart,

How are you this evening? O.K. I’ll “betcha.”

This is the second letter I’ve started this evening, I’ll finish this one. The first one I started late this afternoon—ate chow—and intended to finish it later. Here I am in Manhattan so I’ll just write another one.

I got a restless streak after chow—and grabbed a train and came here.—You know—one of those little streaks I get. There is nobody with me—I’m just here all by my lonesome—


isn’t it awful. Ha I get tired listening to the chatter in the barracks and have to get out now and then. This place (U.S.O.) is big enough to make you feel as if nobody is around, I feel as if I am a little closer to you when it is quiet and there is nobody talking to me. A lot of those friends of mine make my bunk their headquarters in the evening and read, talk and otherwise make nuisances of themselves. I suppose if they didn’t I’d feel lost (also) tho.

You know what?—well I’ll tell you—I wasn’t going to but I will. The reason I wasn’t going to say anything was that I (p) always


plan something and it doesn’t work. Well—I was paid on the 14th. So—to keep my money I loaned $20.00 to Donald Cline, $7.00 to Fields, $4.00 to Snell, $1.00 to Evans. That way I didn’t spend it all—Ha.—That makes $32.00 in all.—Sgt. Funderburk owes me $50.00 (in a) I won in a “Crap” game. that makes $82.00—I should get around $55.00 (approx.) at the end of the mo. That would make $137.00. I ought to be able to send around 80 or $90.00 home. I hope.—Funderburk may not be able to (send) pay it all at once as his wife is here now, That would cut down a little. I’ll send some tho.—Ha—We will need a lot—and more


too when we meet Christmas. And —— I sure am hoping we meet—If wishing, hoping and wanting means anything we surely ought to meet don’t you believe? Sure an you’ve probably got it all figured out already—I’m sure I don’t—Say—When we get married you’ll probably have to carry me out of the place—Ha—I’ll need cushions on my knees to keep them from being bruised and battered from knocking together.

Say—Have you and your red-headed friend reached an agreement yet—Ha—I hope so—That’s a little out of my (juris Ha) line—out of my control or sompin’.


After were married—where do you think we ought to go—the “Ad[vertical list: aeiou]rondacks”—Sun Valley—”Niagra” Falls—or just find a hotel in Kans. I’m so undecided I don’t know what to do—My hair is turning gray worrying over it—Perhaps you can come think to a wise decision—or incision or—excuse me Honey I’m getting a trifle ahead of myself—am I not?—I sho am.

This dress you are planing on getting—better make it something you can walk down the street in without a gang of soldiers carrying the train—That sounds sarcastic Honey—But since you can’t have anything like that—We may as well crack wise or sompin’ over


it. Unh?

I’m in a very talkitive [vertically through the first i: aeiou] mood tonight and your not here to listen to me rattle at the mouth, and I’m fast running out of things to talk about. Oh yes—you are here Honey—very very near in fact but when I get a little sleepy my amperage and voltage drops and I can’t dial in on your station—if I could just think of something or if you were here—I would probably build up more current—amps, volts, blood pressure—bigger and better airials “antenas”—altogether we would make a real broadcasting station [above make or below airials: Ha]—Say I’ve got something there—what do you thing?

I’m nuts “ain’t” I—I’ll bet you think I’ve been drinking but I’ll swear—(I’m swearing) I haven’t had a drop since nite before last and it was only a little 3.2.


Say—you were about to “get on the beam” with that wine weren’t you? Ha/

Well Honey—all good things must come to an end—so

With a heart full of love for my Honey (Ruth)

I’ll say

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

I Love You

x xxxx xxx


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