19 October 1942

I’ve experimented with changing the color of letters and words that Walt has crossed out as mistakes, simply because sometimes it’s just a single letter—like an e at the end of a word that doesn’t need an e. Unfortunately, the strikethrough is often impossible to see if the letter has its own horizontal line; a better strikethrough would be a diagonal, but I don’t have that option. I chose red text (not the best color for color blind readers) because it is also the default link color in the site.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Oct, 19, 1942.

I Love You.

Hello Ruth,

Here I ame, late as usual—but here just the same. I had a traveling weekend—Harold Evans and I went to Beatrice, Neb.—too Wymore, to Fairbury, and back to Ft. Riley. Hitched all the way and stayed over at a Hotel in Beatrice. If I could “bum” South to Okla. that would make one more state that I’d get in. We get tired hanging around Camp, so—we hit the road. We’ve been lucky so far in catching rides. It will probably be too cold in a couple of weeks to continue that kind of running around.

You would probably die laughing if you could watch Fields and I. He has a picture of Chris. on his shelf—and I have a picture of you. We sleep along aside of each other and lie lay on our bunks and throw kisses at the pictures and say—She ees thee wan for meeeeee—Ha


Everybody gets a kick out of us and our sweethearts.

I like your motto—It (rymes) (hl) rhymes too—Mrs. by Christmas, Mrs. Pittman—Yes. Sho nuff. That will be “wan” happy day for me. For you also, unh? Yep! I love you.

According to your letters you must be getting a few clothes—I’m glad of that.—Get all you can and ask for more.

So your coming out a few days before Xmas—Good—Xmas on 25—let see—ummm. 24th—ummm. Lets seeeee. Ummm.—Good idea—yes—very good idea, yes? yes.

Well Honey—

It’s getting late—So—I need some sleep.


Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You—more everyday

“Christmas time will sood be here”

I Love You

x Walt x



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