20 October 1942

Walt uses a job order form for the first part of this letter, filling in the particulars on the form as if the letter is a job. I’ll transcribe the items on the order without trying to reproduce the arrangement.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Job Order

Oct. 20, 1942
Order No #1-A
Estimate No $1
Requisition No #1-A
Charge to Procurement Authority Cpl. Walter Pittman
Work Started Aug. 26, 1941
Work Promised Dec 1942
Work Finished Never
Authorized By Cpl. Walter Pittman Miss Ruth Dailey
Article Restricted for private reading and info
For our own satisfaction
Location Somewhere in U.S.A.
Description of work Military secret

Hello Honey—I love you.

I’m supposed to be working on some stock records and this is all I can find to write on. It will do for the present, I’ll write more tonight on different paper.

We got a bunch of rookies in, a Our Major is pitching some B.S. at them—What a bunch of lies. They’ll learn in a few weeks.—Ha—

How do you like this form—It’s the nuts isn’t it.

It was foggy as the devil and a little cool this morning—now (afternoon) it is hot as the devil.

[unnumbered page 2]

Somebody is coming—see you later.

[unnumbered page 3—on stationery]

I Love You,

Oct. 20, 1942.

Love Me?

Hello Honey—

I’ll try and finish your letter. It is almost 9:30 but I am in Sgt. Mayes room and he can keep his lights on, so I will be able to write for awhile.

Fields and Mayes are “shooting the B.S.” so fast I can’t even write to you, what shall I do, what shall I do?

I exercised tonight, took a shower, shave, shampoo, etc. and here I am—if it wasn’t for a slight cold in my bronchial tubes I would feel like a King.

I can’t seem to think of much to say this evening—I guess I should of have kept on writing this afternoon—but I was interrupted.

Say Honey—you don’t think the

[unnumbered page 4]

force of “Habit” will be so strong youll forget your married do you? Ha.—I don’t hardly think so.

Trying on “powder blue” dresses unh?—”Married in blue, always true”—isn’t that right—I wouldn’t care what it was Id know. you’ll always be—but, anyway—I like you in blue.

Well honey—I see you—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

You’ll be Mrs. by Christmas.




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