22 October 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You

Oct. 22, 1942.

I Love You
Back Straight.

Dearest Sweetheart,

Lo and behold, and verily I say unto thee—I received another very nice letter from you today. The kind I like—It was one that seemed as tho you were right there or here talking to me.

I hope you weren’t “pulling my leg” about whether the hose was allright or not because if I can find anymore I’ll get them for you. When I got those there was one more pair in Junction City. They may still be there. If so I’ll get them.

I wasn’t trying to discourage you over getting married—I was just citing a few facts—We’ll get along allright—I know—We can’t miss can we—Ha—We can make a Mrs. out of a Miss tho—Oh happy day.

Say—I’d like to have some of that Popcorn, You and my kid brother aren’t the only ones who like it. Someday you and I will “pop” some and eat to our hearts content.


Say Honey—I’ll bet you do get a thrill when your garters break—Ha—I’d have heart failure right then and there. It would be rather disconcerting to have your hose down around your knee, and then—I suppose the first thing you would think of would be a mouse or something running up your leg. Ha. Oooooooo!

I’m going to shine Rummels boots now—I’ll see you in a little while—


Here I am Rummel is putting his boots on—so I’ll have 3 or 4 min. too write yet. Altho now I’m stumped for an incentive to wr thats wrong—I mean I can’t think of anything. Except—I wish my Honey was here dressed in blue right now.


Well Honey, I have Rummels boots shined—I still have my own to shine yet. I give Fields boots the once over tonight also. They don’t know the right formula. Ha.


Rummel just went to the P.X.—He’s going to get me a pt. of Ice cream while he is there.

I forgot to tell you—(he is) I am “Charge of Quarters” at the Troop tonight so I have a lot of spare time.

Our Master Sgt. is going to sign me over to the Maintainace truck tomorrow—I’m glad of it as I didn’t like the parts trucks—I didn’t enough moving around. I didn’t like the guy I worked with either.

I’m glad you aren’t disappointed at having to spend a non-traveling furlough—Maybe—Yes I believe we will have the best one here in Kansas—I’ve been thinking—Maybe it would be a better one if you came alone—but if you did what would you do during the day. Sleep unh?—Ha. Rest—peaceful sleep. Probably would need it then. Unh?


Not that it wouldn’t be O.K. for Twila to come—We just wouldn’t have anybody to think of but ourselves—If I’m selfish—I think I have a good reason don’t you? Sho nuff.

Well Honey—I think I’ll say

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

Your future hubby.

I Love You.


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