25 October 1942

A first in this letter—Walt spells surprise correctly. I was starting to think maybe I should start spelling it supprise.

Walt includes a magazine image, folded up with the letter, but I did a poor job of scanning it, having to crop out parts to get it all scanned. Here’s a photo of the whole, glorious image, although the scanned images really highlight the gold negligee better than this iPhone photo:

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You, and you alone.

Oct. 25, 1942

Hello Sweetheart,

Well—I’ve been sitting here thinking about you for at least 15 min. since I started (since I wrote the date.—And I’ll tell you Honey—I think your one fine lady for me—(I) I think you are one sweet, beautiful little Darling—but I’ll be blessed if I can think of any thing to talk to you about. I can sit here and think of you forever—but if I don’t put something down on paper it doesn’t do you much good does it.

One thing you can be sure of Ruth—I’ll bet there isn’t an hr. goes by during the time I’m awake that I but what I think of you, and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least but what I talk to you in my sleep. Ha.

Enclosed is a picture taken from Esquire—Someday I’m going to see to it that you have something—beautiful, sheer—filmy—something to set


the world on fire—Rescuse me—I meant me—not the world—you don’t need anything to help you on that score—but I like ’em just the same—I think you do too. After all—Women have liked such things for centuries—I don’t think they are going to change all at once.—You know me and what a silk stocking will do to me—My Goodness—what would a gorgeous thing [above line: negligee] like that do to me.—

Say Honey—do you know what a “kiss” is—”Upper persuasion for lower invasion”—More truth thru poetry unh?

Say Honey—Thoughts of Christmas and looking at this negligee just about has me “snowed under.” Ha.

This is short I know—Honey—but it’s packed with an overload of love for my Sweetheart—So—

I see you

Good Afternoon Ruthie me darling

I Love You

x Walt x      Love Me? Yep!

Notes on magazine pictures:

I think this gal is perfect, like my Honey.—Kinda shy—very sweet—yet she is “on the Beam”

Y’know Honey—I believe I like a “Golden Negligees.”
Do you?—Ha.

Think there will be any chance of an insanity plea for me—Ha.

You see Honey
I like slender legs.

Note on back of envelope:

S. W. A. K.
B. Y. N. F.


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