26 October 1942

To answer Walt’s question—No, I don’t care for this paper with the squiggly lines.

Oh, and, no, you cannot still smell the cologne that was dropped on the letter some 75 years ago.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Oct. 26, 1942.

veree mouch

Hello again Darling,

I don’t have to go to the Garage this morning, so I will write todays letter now—I will go to work this evening sometime.

Do you like this paper—I borrowed it off a friend of mine. I kind of like it—May get some of it.

Tockstien is singing “My The Pale Wildwood Flower”—Ever hear it—It’s hillbilly but I like it.

Love me Honey?—Sure and if you don’t you must like me an awful lot—Ha—Just kiding. Do I love you Ruth? Sure and if I don’t—I like to know what is the matter with me.


Just talking again—You know darned well I Love You, Don’t you? Why—To know you and not love you would be an impossibility absolutely impossible.

“Tock” is singing “My Rose Of San Antone”—”San Antonio Rose.” I still like it.

I saw another meaning of the word “Ruth.”—”Vision of Beauty.”—It is a vision I carry with me wherever I am x-xxxx-xxx.

“Tock” is making my heart strings strike a tender chord tonight with some of his Weeping Willow songs.


—Smell Here—

Sgt. Jackson came in just now with some men’s Cologne—Can you notice it.

It is pretty darn cold out today—Windy Kans. winter is just around the corner,—but —winter time brings Christmas nearer and nearer—besides I’ll have my Love “Loved One” to keep me warm for awhile. I could live in the Arctic for that. How am I ever going to keep warm when you will have to leave—I guess I’ll not cross any bridges until I come to them—We’ll see what the future has in store. So.—right now—I’ll keep on wishing you were here and be happy in the tho’t that it won’t be too long.

I Love You

I See You

Good Morning Sweetheart

“Top of the Morning to You Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

You’ll be Mrs. by Christmas

(Mrs. Pittman)

x xxxx xxx

Sniff here—Ha.


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