27 October 1942

Walt’s starting to suggest plans about their getting married, this first one meant to keep the mothers from coming with Ruth.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Oct. 27, 1942.

I Love You
I Love You
I Love You.

You never tell me
how your back feels now.

Yippee, Hello Sweetheart,

I am in excellent spirits—very very much enthused and all that sort of think.—

I just went in to see the Troop Commander with my knees a shaking and a fluttering in the breeze. I ask him for a five day leave over Christmas and told him the reason also. I told him the reason I wanted to know was so you and I would know what to plan on and what to expect. He was very nice. He told me he didn’t know what to policy of the Regiment was going to be at Christmas, but usually they let about 35% off over Christmast.—(in most outfilts)

He told me that I could be reasonably sure of 4 or 5 days anyway—So—Hooray Hubrah—Whoopee. etc.


Now Honey comes another side of the story and I don’t quite know how to go about saying this. First of all—I don’t know how a women feels about getting married—I mean on this particular question in particular.

First of all—I think you know I appreciate the Motherly interest on both sides of the family. You are your mothers first and oldest and so am I. Naturally they would and are very interested and want to see everything go thru O.K.—Maybe they would get more of a thrill then we—Ha.

I doubt it. But I’m kind of backwards sometimes also kind of stubborn at times (no credit to me)—but I’ll tell you something you didn’t know. You’ld have been Mrs. on the 4th of July if Mom hadn’t of been here.—I had $50.00 in Camp—I mean Pierce had it—He had it saved to lend too me for that purpose—But too many cooks spoil the soup, cake—pie and etc.


See what I mean.—Besides (I’m thinking of you and I—When we have such a short time together we aren’t going to have time enough to bother with our mothers. Not that they would intentionally do anything to spoil our time together.

Now I’ve a plan—dark and sinister—Ha—I’ve been wondering—If we had the money to this. If I get a leave which I’m almost positive I’ll get I could meet you at the station and—(this would depend on the time you arrived—or—well well plan it after w I see what you think of it—I)—Anyway—I tho’t we might go on to Denver, Colo. or someplace like that—Maybe to another city—anyway if we would do that or plan to do it don’t you think it would diplomaticly remove all “drag”—wind resistances and other obstacles from our path—What do you think—It would be quite a trip by your lonesome—but—I could


stand that if I was going to see you.

I hope this don’t hurt your feelings any—if I tho’t it would spoil things for you I would not have said one word (and) for after all—Your my Sweetheart Aren’t you? and I love you very, very much.—

This is our marriage—our life—our happiness—so say what you think—We will work it out together. Unh?

Love Me?

I Love You

I started to work nights last nite. 12 hrs. a night—wow—I don’t know whether the same gang will be on all the time—(steady)—or whether we will trade weeks about—It don’t make much difference too me as long as I am in the Army.

Well Honey—Time to say

I Love You

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx.

Note inside envelope:

J’aime Vous. Nuts!
I Love You.



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