29 October 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You.

Oct 29, 1942.

Hi. Honey.

My Dearest Ruth,

I Love You. How is my one and only this afternoon? Stealing your stuff unh? I unthinkingly wrote the first couple lines of your letter. Ha.

I also got a letter from Sib the other day—if I thought I would get into a place like the one where he is at, I believe I’d just as soon stay in the Cavalry.

No Hon. I don’t think Mom is the least bit mad at you. I take it from her letters that she is kind of glad we are getting married. That’s one nice thing. The whole family thinks the world of you. And why shouldn’t they—Your the sweetest “gal” in the world.

Say, my little Darling—I hope your right about your red-headed friend. If she would visit you on the 19th every thing will be hunky dory. unh?


You can keep me informed on monthly news bullinten bulletin so I’ll know what to expect.You should be pretty sure of all these little things along toward the end of Nov. shouldn’t you? Now don’t you think—really now—that you’ld be disappointed if I got a five day leave and then you would have company for 5 days also.—My oh my—that would be a terrible coincidence—disastrous—alarming.—You don’t think for a min. I’d let you go home right away then do you? Ha—I should tell the world I wouldn’t.—If we have any money we might take a couple extra days anyway. I don’t think they would “fire” you for that—do you?

So Ruby quit her job—my oh my—she must of got mad at somebody unh? When do her and her battling boyfriend intend to take the final steps. Soon? or later?

You say—”Well, I guess I’ve covered all the news that I know tonight. In fact, I guess I’ve said all—(well,


about all) that’s on my mind tonight.”

Now Honey—What on earth could be on your mind at night—Maybe we should get married unh? Do you really think so. I do. I hope it is cold as the devil Christmas—we should be able to really appreciate each other then—ha—what do you think of that? I hope it is really and truly a white Christmas—with snow on the ground—no mud at all—I hope it will be perfect—I know it will be the best Christmas I ever had and hope that it will be followed by many, many more—Maybe after this we’ll be able to have a tree—and maybe in a couple years or so we will be able to play St. Nickolas. unh? Well—I can dream can’t I? Sho nuff I can—this won’t last forever.

I Love You.


And why shouldn’t I?

If I could only put into words just exactly how much I do love you and just exactly how nice and sweet you are I could make a fortune as a Novelist, but since I can’t you’ll have to use your imagination and put some oomph into the clumsy things I say.


Until Tomorrow

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

P.S. If you ever see Ruth Dailey—tell her from [above line: for] me that I love her. I can’t come to see her and tell her but I know she is coming to see me soon—She is living up to her name “Ruth”—The love-liest [above line: nicest] name a girl could have. [illegible cross out]

I Love You.

x Walt x



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