5 October 1942

Walt has just returned from spending a week with Ruth, but he left his ring there, at “Stringers,” and is hoping she can find it. There is currently a Stringer jewelry store in Girard, but it was founded in 1984. I suppose there could have been an earlier one, or perhaps it’s the name of a joint or restaurant in Girard that they visited. Maybe we’ll hear more about that later.

A transcript follows the letter images.


I Love You,

Oct. 5, 1942

Keep your back straight, Ha.

Hello Sweetheart.

Here I is again, Safe and sound, had an uneventful trip and a long one—It was 11:30 Sun nite when I arrived [above arrived: (got) Ha] here.

I am not going to write a very long letter tonight as I have to go to town. I will write a long one tomorrow. I haven’t had anything to eat as yet so I will have to get some supper when I get there.

Honey—I left my ring at “Stringers” in Girard—I guess you will have to get it or call Aunt Ruth and have her get it and then you pick it up there, I sure felt sick when I missed it.


I am going to close for now Ruth—I want to make this longer but something always happens.

I think we both done very well when I left. Getting a little more modern aren’t we—I felt a little worse afterwards tho. I suppose you did too.

I spent one of the best weeks of my life to date wi when I was with you—I’ll not forget it—never.

So Long for tonight Sweetheart

I Love You

More then ever

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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