8 October 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


I love you,

Oct. 8, 1942

Keep straight
”   healthy

That is why I say “keep straight”—(My Ho) I want my sweetheart to look her best, for she is my only,—sweet little Honey!

Hello Ruth,

I am in Manhattan, I bought a new pair of shoes—I also bought a pair of slacks today—I got a good bargain on a new pair so I decided I’d better get them while I have the chance.

Pierce had done gone and left me, he has gone to Mechanics school at Riley for 3 mos. (Schietz) Schwietz is going also to Omaha, Nebraska. I would have been sent if I hadn’t of been going to the Air Corp. So Fields is the only close buddy I will have left.


I am going to tell you something and then answer your question.

I went to one of the fellows at the examining board for the Cadets. He told me there were 50 fellows on the list for the Cadets and that I was the 25th. (one.) He said it might be possible (fo) that I would get called this month. In fact he said it is highly probably, if not this month—for sure next. I tell you this, because, if I (were) am sent farther away it lowers our chances of seeing each other at Xmas. That, I promise you is the only thing that will keep us from getting married (at) then. I have made up my mind—I really and truly want to get married—I was thinking of you when I decided against it before—But now I think maybe


we should. If Ruth thinks she can stand the “gaff”—I know she can—Then we will. We can have some time together, and sure and it’s with you I want to be, after all, life is short at longest, we may as well be happy while we can, don’t you think so?—This is one crazy unsettled world and I alway got along O.K. being crazy myself. If other couples can get along w we will—we will do what we want to.—If there is a possible chance (I) we will make it. If you were to keep on working and save the allotment we should have a good start when I get out—It would amount to quite bit in a few months. I believe now it would be the most sensible thing do


because after the war a person couple is going to need everything they can get—It might be rather unstable then—If we get married then we will already have something to build from. That is one thing that I would hate—[arrow pointing here from That] for you to be without anything—I intended for you to have everything possible when we got married but—I guess that was an ideal—an idle dream—Some people get along best if they start the hard way, besides I always did dream too much—Ha. So Honey—”Cross your fingers”—if the Army doesn’t “mess” things up, We will be a Xmas present for each other—You are the best and nicest gift I could get.

You can suit yourself about telling anybody—just remember that I am not my own master now—the Army might decide to send me away a little farther.


The reason I say that is—You and others might do some preparing and then it would fall thru—It did once and it was my fault, I’ve been sorry ever since.

That will be up to you tho. If you can reach me Xmas—we will be married. Say—you’ld better get a couple of weeks off then tho—Ha—Don’t you think.—Yes’m!

I already have Pierce on the line for Twila—He is very much enthused—besides he says he thinks his girl is tired of waiting for him. So—everything will be allright on that score.

If I was farther away and it would still be possible for us to meet—You could come yourself. I like you by yourself—I Love


you and you alone—It makes no difference who is around. See!

So Honey—I feel much better now—I hope you do—Love me? Sure you do.

I Love You

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

I Love You



I Love You

Note inside envelope:

Cross your fingers—
I Love You
x Walt x

Note on back of envelope:

Thees ees thee wan, thee onlee wan!


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