21 January 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 21, 1942

Dear Walt,

I didn’t get to write to you last night. I got the pictures yesterday so I decided to go up to your Aunt Ruth’s. I was getting ready to go & Twila called. She had to go to a meeting at 8:00. She wanted me to go to the show with her afterwards. So, I said O.K. I have always liked Twila better than any other girl I ever knew. When we quit going “steady” (as you used to tell everyone), I really missed her.

[verso page 1]

I was going to get the 7 o’clock bus to Girard. I got there at 5 after. So I had to wait until 8 o’clock. So I only got to stay a few minutes at your Aunt’s. She liked the pictures very much. She said there was no use sending the pictures to Franklin, as she would take them over the next time they go. So I left the pictures there.

Gee, honey, the miniature of you is perfect. They made two. So, I’m sending you the extra one. If you don’t know


what to do with it, send back to me. It’s so small it would be easy to lose & it’s so good I wouldn’t want it to get lost. I’m also sending mine. You’ve probably already seen it. I’m getting a little one of me for the locket the 27th.

I called your Aunt & I gave her your address. She got a letter from your mother today. I haven’t written to her yet. I will in the next day or two.

Your pal “Slim” sounds nice. Tell him thanks

[verso page 2]

for sending me his love. I’m sorry, but I can’t send him any, as I’ve already given it all to you.

By the way, I saw Harold & Dorothy. Harold sends his love to you.

I let Twila read your cards. Do you mind? She said you write good letters—I mean cards. Said they were interesting. I don’t let anyone read your letters. Mother always wants to read them. I told her I’d tell you to write her a card. She said she


would be satisfied with that. So when you get time, drop her a line. In fact, the whole family would like to hear from you. But, no hurry about it.

Alice came in to the office today & borrowed a dollar. (It was my last dollar, but I’ll get along) She got a new dress & new shoes & a permanent today.

She wanted me to go out with some guy tonight. I told her “No”. When you put this ring on my finger, it

[verso page 3]

meant I would never date anyone else but you. She certainly should know that. She said she is going out with another guy tonight. His name is Tom -something. Maybe she was kidding, but I was inclined to believe her. If it’s true, I think it’s terrible. Lowell is a swell guy. She looked so sloppy today. I don’t know what to think.

You asked me if you should continue writing as you have, or write shorter letters &


more often. I would rather hear from you more often, even if your letters are shorter. Yessir, honey, short & sweet, that’s how I like them.

Tomorrow is the big day for Ruby. She passed by the skin of her teeth. She got 2 C’s & 2 D’s & a D minus. She doesn’t care, though, as long as she passed. By the way, she got an A on her thesis (I typed it for her)

Well, dearest, I could probably think of more

[verso page 4]

to say, but I’m using that funny shaped pen of Ruby’s & it’s hard on the fingers.

Hope you like the picture.

Write to me soon & often, darling. Until tommorrow tomorrow.

Your honey forever,
Ruth xxx

[another lipstick kiss]

P.S. The letters on the envelope mean—Soldier Mail—Rush Like Hell. Kinda cute, huh?


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