22 January 1942

Ruth writes a typical letter of everyday happenings, but without many details—Ruby’s graduation and the ring Howard gave her, marriage announcements in the paper, and a joke that seems as current today as then.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 22, 1942.

Dearest Walt,

My arm is very tired, so if my writing is poor, you’ll understand.

I got a letter from your mother today. She is rather broken up about your leaving. I w just wrote her a 6 page letter. I tried to cheer her up. It I hope I succeed.

I’m sending you this picture of Florence. Thought I would send you a clipping from our paper when I see something that

[verso page 1]

might interest you.

There was something I wanted to be sure to tell you today, but I can’t remember what it was. Maybe I’ll think of it after while.

Well, Ruby graduated today. Howard gave her a birthstone ring. It is very pretty. She has gone to a little informal dance the kids are having tonight.

Have a chew on me, honey. You can have my half, too.

Is my hair dirty! Guess I’ll have to wash it


tomorrow night. That is, if I get the ambition. Mother asked me if I wanted her to have my engagement announced. (I guess because Florence did.) She said, maybe when Walt gets a furlough. I didn’t say anything.

Just heard a cute crack on the radio. One A girl was applying for a job. The girl taking her application asked her if she did defense work at night. She answered “What girl doesn’t?”

Bing Crosby is now

[verso page 2]

singing “Dreamville, Ohio.” Good old Ohio. But I’m beginning to agree with you. Pennsylvania is the best state in the nation. Look who came from there—the sweetest guy in the world. I wouldn’t tell you who that is, but I’ll give you a hint. His initials are W.E.P. Guess who?

I’d like to get a suit for Easter—some light shade & an orchid blouse. I have an orchid hat that’s real cute. It’s my favorite


hat. But I’m afraid I can’t. I owe so much money, I don’t know where it’s all coming from. Anyhow, if you aren’t here, it won’t matter if I don’t get any new clothes. Will it? No.

How’s Slim? Does he have a girl? If so, what’s her name & so on?

We’ll be going to the A&P tomorrow night & mother will get you another carton of Camels.

Ruby got a letter from Congressman Kirwan,

[verso page 3]

congratulating her on her graduation.

I told your mother you joined our church. Did you tell her yet?

Mary, Ruby’s girl friend who is married, gave her a nice slip & her grandmother gave Ruby $1.

Bing Crosby is singing “The Anniversary Waltz”. Um—is he mellow.

By the way, remember that colored girl I told you about who was up at Hiram last summer? You know, the one who wrote the love letter to


her boyfriend? Well, I saw her marriage license in “The Legal News” this morning. I don’t suppose this interests you much. I want to be sure to tell Mary Jean when I write to her again. I hope I don’t forget.

Gee darling, nothing happened today & I’ve had a hard time writing this much. Just can’t think of much to say tonight.

Well, I guess that’s about all for tonight. Mother, Daddy, Ruby,

[verso page 4]

Grandma, & Fritzie all send their love. Write soon, honey. Until tomorrow then.

As Always, Your honey,


[lipstick kiss]

I love you.

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