24 January 1942

Ruth describes what seems like the most boring day of her life. She sure does dislike her grandmother.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 24, 1942

Dearest Walt,

Well, today was Saturday. When I got out of work, I didn’t feel like going home so I walked around for a while. I called Ruby. She was coming down town, but with two other girls. Twila had to help clean the house. I saw Ruby after while & she said that Grandma was on the war path. So, I was sure then that I didn’t want to go home. That was about 1:00 o’clock. I walked around until about 2:30. Then I decided I’d stand in front of the Paramount Theater &

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maybe I’d see someone. I was standing there for about five minutes, when along comes my dear friend Frank Gotti. He asked me if I was waiting on a bus. I didn’t know what to say, so I said I was supposed to meet a girl at 2:30. The dear soul stood & talked to me for about half an hour. He sure was a sight. He had on a battered old hat, a green coat that was too small for him, & a bright red & blue checkered shirt (hanging out). Finally some lady came along & offered him a


ride home. Thank Heavens!

I walked around for a while. Then I thought I’d go up to see your aunt. I went to the Bus Arcade, but then I figured they’d soon be eating & decided I’d better not go. So I walked around until about 4:30, bought some meat for supper & came home. As soon as I got in the house, the old lady started hollering. I listened to her for about half an hour & couldn’t stand it any longer. So I put on my coat & left. I walked up to where those 5 & 10’s are. Then I

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got on a bus & rode to town. Got back home about 6:30. Ate a piece of bread & an apricot. Everyone was going somewhere tonight, so I didn’t want to stay at home. I got all dressed. Then I called Twila. She wasn’t there. I called Ruthie. She wasn’t there. I called your Aunt. She wasn’t there. By that time, Granny had started again. So I left. I went down town. Walked around for a while. My feet were killing me because I had on those black shoes today that


are too short & I walked from 12:00 to 4:30 & from 5:00 to 6:00 & about half an hour tonight. I couldn’t walk any longer. So I went to a show. By my self. I felt very dumb. I didn’t stay for all of the show. I got home just now. About 11:00. Granny is still going strong. God Bless her soul.

I don’t think I’ll go to church tomorrow. I’m so tired, I think I’ll sleep in until about 9:00 tomorrow.

Well, honey, how are the horses treating you? Hope you haven’t been having

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trouble sitting down.

Ruby, Ruthie, & Gracie went to the Cascades this afternoon. You know—that’s where I wanted to go the next time you have some money. They liked it a lot. I guess all the “glamour” girls & boys go there.

I spent more money today than I should have. I’m not enclosing any stamps today. I will in a few days. Hope you have enough to last until then. I’m getting kinda low, too. I got this new gum today. It isn’t bad. It’s different anyhow. It’s supposed to make your


teeth white. I’ve chewed 2 sticks, but my teeth don’t seem much whiter.

I really am tired, honey, so I guess I’ll say Goodnight—Until tomorrow.

I am —Yours,

(Mrs. Walter E. Pittman to-be.)

[lipstick kiss]

I Love You

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