27 January 1942

Not much going on in this letter, except the dry comment that Ruth’s grandma thinks Ruby might be trying to poison her!

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 27, 1942.

Dearest Walt,

I got my little picture today, so that’s that. Here is the extra one. You can keep it, or, if you think you might lose it, you can send us it back.

Your Aunt Ruth called tonight to see if I had heard from you. They went to Franklin Sunday. She said she gave the pictures to your mother & that she was very much pleased with them.

Today we got a picture of Edward Dailey IV. He’s cute. He’s 13 months old

[verso page 1]


Sunday night Florence & her boy friend, Bill, went out. They came in about 1:30. Her mother said she heard her come up stairs, then she went down again & she heard Bill drive out the driveway. When she got up in the morning she found a note Florence left saying they had gone to Toledo (her aunt lives there) & to call her boss & say she wouldn’t be down until the next day. They came home last night.

I don’t know what I’m


going to do with my hair. I washed it & put it up last night & this morning it wasn’t even curly in the back—in fact, it was straight. I need a permanent, but I think I’ll wait a while.

There was a little piece in the paper tonight about our church. One paragraph said; “The church set up a bureau for the benefit of its 30 boys in the armed services. This bureau will provide books, newspapers, food, and entertainment for soldiers wherever they may be throughout their service.”

[verso page 2]

Gosh, honey, it seems less happens every day. I read a couple stories in Ruby’s magazine this evening. They aren’t bad stories. I guess they’re supposed to be warnings to others, but I doubt if they serve their purpose.

On Horace Heidt’s program tonight, he & another guy were making a cake. They were doing it all wrong. This one guy says to Horace, “Take off your girdle.” He asked, “Why?” the guy says—”It says here to put the cake in the oven with a pot holder. Ha Ha.


I don’t get it.

I still haven’t heard from Mary Jean. I can’t understand why. She usually answers my letters sooner than this. Maybe I’ll get a letter from her this week.

I haven’t heard from Alice either. I don’t suppose I will un until she has an extra dollar. I’m rather curious to know if she really did go out with another guy. G

Granny hasn’t been eating at home for the last 2 days. She says now Ruby is trying to poison her.

[verso page 3]

She sure can get silly ideas. Oh well, she’ll get over it & start on something else soon.

I can’t think of anything else today, darling. So, until tomorrow.

Your hoey honey always,


[three lipstick kisses]

I Love You

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