28 January 1942

Ruth recounts the plot of a short film she saw at the movies, Changed Identity (1941).

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 28, 1942.

Dearest Walt,

I got your letter today, which put me in a good humor.

Tonight I went to the Newport Theater with Ruby & Howard. “Honky Tonk” was there. As you know, I saw it, but we didn’t have anything to do. Neither did Howard, so he took us. There was a cute cartoon & a good short.

The short was called “Changed Identity”. There were 2 identical twin brothers. They met on a train en route to Bombay. This one had

[verso page 1]

been working in a bank, & h was skipping out with a lot of money. The other brother had 2 scrathes scratches on the side of his face. He said he and his wife had a misunderstanding. The one who had stolen the money said he was going to America. The other one said he would have to take him too or he would turn him over to the police. The bank guy who robbed the bank, Phillip Bartlett, picked up a heavy object and hit his brother, David Bartlett on the head. The


blow killed him. Then Phillip decided he would change clothes, papers, & passport with his dead brother. He also scratched his face. After he had changed everything, he threw the body of his dead brother out the train, when they were crossing a river. When he got to Bombay, he showed his passport & was about to get on the boat for America. Two police stopped him & said he was wanted for questioning. He said they must have the wrong one, that he was David Bartlett. He showed his passport & other papers to

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prove it. He told them the scratches on his face were the result of a quarrel with his wife. He said that maybe they wanted his brother, Phillip, who had always been a little wild. He said, “I guess I’ve proved that I’m David Bartlett.” They said he had & that he was under arrest for the murder of his wife. This old proverb was then shown on the screen:—”There are only three things that reach out beyond the edge of the world. They are, the light of the sun, the


darkness of night, and the long arm of God.” I thought it was pretty good, huh?

Nothing else happened today that I can think of.

How long does it take my letters to get there? I’d like to know. Sometimes I get yours in one day & sometimes it takes two days. By the way, did you get the cigarettes yet? I sent them Saturday.

There’s a program on the radio now. Some kind of strange facts or something. They said people shrink

[verso page 3]

in height as they get older. You’re a year older than me. Hope you don’t shrink too much. Silly, huh?

Well, honey, I’m tired, hot (very warm), & out of things to say. So until tomorrow [illegible crossout]



[five lipstick kisses]

I Love You

(I’ve been forgetting how to put the stamp on)

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