29 January 1942

Ruth writes from a local bar, while her sister and girlfriend write notes to Walt as well. Ruth writes about how popular the name Judy is and how she might name a daughter that—surprise to me.

Ruby is glad to have graduated from high school, and their friend Ruthie tells a “dirty” joke, but I can’t make out the punchline. Sorry.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Jan. 29, 1942.

Dearest Walt,

I’m in Pete’s writing this letter. But don’t worry, I’m not doing the usual thing what most girls do in Pete’s. I’m faithful as always. I’m with Ruthie, Ruby, & Mildred. Ruby and Mildred are smoking, so Ruthie & I moved as she is afraid her father will smell smoke on her. Ruthie’s writing to you, too. I’m drinking a lemon phosphate. It’s good. Wish you could be here drinking one, too.

Last night in the obituary

[verso page 1]

column there was an article saying that a Mrs. Harris had died of a heart ailment & that her body was at the south side Shriver Allison Funeral Home. I wasn’t the only one who read it. Mrs. Harris also read it. I guess this wasn’t the first strange thing that had happened to her. Ambulances have been sent to her home to take her to the hospital. Once she got a note from the some secret service agency sister stating their wish for her death. Funny, huh?

Some guy in here was


talking rather loud. I heard him say = “Tomorrow’s pay day & I have a house date tomorrow night.” Some people say the dumbest things.

I’m glad you talked about children in your letter. If we ever have a girl, her name will be Judith Ann Pittman, huh? “Judy.” Mildred & Paul are going to name their litl girl that, too. If they ever get married. Ruby’s girl friend Mary, who is married & lives up the street, is going to use that name if they ever have a little girl. A friend of mine who is

[verso page 2]

married had a little girl a few months ago & named her “Judy”. In the next generation the name “Judy” will be as popular as the name “Mary” was in this one. Huh? (I Love You).

Someone just played “La Paloma” on the nickelodian. You’re right, it is beautiful. (I Love You).

Dick English just sat down with us. You remember—he a dated Ruby a few times.

Hey, honey, when you get back, I want you to teach me to ride a horse. You should know how.


And I’ve changed my mind. I want you to teach me to shoot a rifle, too. O.K? O.K.

I’m glad you’re going to write more often. I will feel a lot better, sweetheart.

I’m looking forward to seeing a picture of you in your uniform. I know you look wonderful, you’re so handsome even without a uniform, honey.

Ruby also wrote a few line to you, which I am enclosing.

Ruby washed my scarf today. Too bad I’m so lazy or it would have been

[verso page 3]

done long ago.

I finished this letter at home, as it isn’t very private at Pete’s. I have to wash my stockings. I hate to but might as well get it over with, huh? So until tomorrow, good night, my love.

With all the love in my heart,

(Mrs. W. E. Pittman later on)

[lipstick kiss]

I Love You

[Ruby’s letter, page 1]

Hi Walt,

Right now I’m in Pete’s. Yeh, I’m surprised that I graduated too. It’s wonderful, isn’t it. I feel real grown up now. Granny is still growling every time she gets the chance. You’d  die laughing at her, she always gets to the mailbox before I do and she hides Ruth’s mail so she can give it to her personally. The other day I got to the mailbox before she did and got your letter to give to Ruth. Boy, was she burning. We get along

[Ruby’s letter, verso page 1]

swell. So you like Howard huh? well I think he’s pretty nice too. I see him about every other night except on the weeks he works nights. We took Ruth to the show last night. Right now some goon is sitting across from me, I swear he’s nuts. Well, he just left. Just another Youngstown wolf. Ruthie Funkhouser was out with Dick English the other night. Well, bye for now.

Ruby [underlined with a flourish]

[Ruby’s letter, page 2]

Hey, do you have any radios down there to listen to? If so, did you ever hear the songs “Remember Pearl Harbor” or “Buckle Down Winsocki”? They are pretty cute songs. How are the horses treating you? Gee, I feel like writing but don’t think of much to say.

Ruthie & I went job hunting the other day but didn’t have much luck so we ended up at a show. I don’t want a job anyhow, I would rather loaf and

[Ruby’s letter, verso page 2]

fight with the old lady.

Well, g’bye again,


[Ruthie’s letter, page 1]

Hi Walt,

How’s the kid? I mean you. I suppose by now your kinda sore from riding horses & stuff. Any good looking soldiers down there? If so—let Ruby and I hear from them. I heard a cute joke today—it’s dirty so if you don’t like dirty jokes—just skip the next few lines.

An Indian came into a store & said, “Me want to buy drum. The store keeper said Drum? You mean war Drum? Hell no said the Indian—I want to buy [illegible] drum—me want piece (peace) not war. Ahem

[Ruthie’s letter, verso page 1]

methinks I’ll sign off after that one.



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