31 January 1942

It’s too bad that Ruth so clearly disliked her grandmother. She dies in 1943. The only sentence I ever heard about her was this: “I never learned how to cook, because my grandmother wouldn’t let me in the kitchen.” I find it funny, because I chase people out of my kitchen, too.

A transcript follows the letter images:


Jan. 31, 1942.

Dearest Walt,

Glad to hear that you are taking more pictures. The ones you sent were swell. You know what I think I’ll do? I think I will get a real nice photograph album. In it I will put only pictures of you & me—no one else. That is, for the present. You see I’m going to keep it as a picture story of our life together. There may be someone else in it some day, huh? What do you think of the idea. I’m not going to get the album until I hear what you

[verso page 1]

think of the idea.

I finally heard from Mary Jean. She thinks Elmer might have to go to the Army soon. She said he has a brother 19 & if he would only enlist, Elmer might not have to go. I thought that was rather selfish, don’t you? She said 3 or 4 guys in her neighborhood enlisted & were sent back, as they don’t have any place to send them. It seems hard to believe. If it’s true, why do they keep drafting men?

Guess what, honey. I think I will have a new suit for Easter! Today I saw


the most beautiful material. It is mostly beige. It’s herringbone tweed. I can’t describe it very well & I’m no artist, but you’re so understanding maybe you’ll be able to visualize it.

Ruth’s drawing

All the stripes are the same size. I made some light & some dark as there are 2 different colors in it. Pink & blue. But the background is beige (tan to you) & from even a short distance you can’t see the pink & blue—it all blends into one pretty shade. I figure

[verso page 2]

it will cost a little over $9 to make a 2-piece suit. I couldn’t get a ready-made suit that looked decent for much less than $20. So I’m going to save money like mad & make me that suit. Ruby seems to think I can’t make a nice suit, but I’ll show her. It’s going to be as nice as a $25 ready-made one.

I fooled around downtown today with Ruby, Ruthie, & Gracie—a girl friend of Ruby’s who lives on the next street. Ruby & Ruthie have been swell to me. They


seem to realize how lonely it is for me & try to be nice to me & keep my mind on something else. I really appreciate it.

Mother wants a raise & says she will quit if she doesn’t get it. She had an argument with the boss today & left to & went to see a show.

Now that Ruby is out of school, she is going to do the housework. Mother & Daddy & I each are going to give her a dollar. That’ll be enough for spending money. I hope she does the work, cause

[verso page 3]

the house looks terrible.

Granny just came in. It is awful to feel this way, but I just can’t stand to hear her nagging. It’s nine 0’clock so I guess I’ll go to bed. I can’t hear her very well when I’m in bed.

I’ll dream of you, as usual, sweetheart. I don’t only dream of you at night, but in the day time, too. Until tomorrow, honey.


(Mrs. W. E. Pittman)
in the future

I Love You now
& I’ll love you always

[lipstick kiss]

[unnumbered page]

I took these stamps out of the book so they wouldn’t make the letter weigh too much & I could save money.

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

Honest. Yes indeed. With all my heart.

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