12 September 1942

Walt runs out of space at the bottom of page two and finishes his closing at the top of the page next to the page number.

A transcript follows the letter images.





Sept. 12, 1942.

I Love You.

Hello Sweetheart,—Boots:—, , , , , , ,

How is my Darling Ruth tonight.—O.K.—I hope. I sho hope she is.

Boots must of been feeling allright when she wrote the letter that I received today.—Say Honey—I had a big notion to rush home right then. I’m about to follow “Directive No #1.” to the letter.—say—you meant every word you said didn’t you?—That’s just what I tho’t—Ha—You meant every word of it but,—You’ll tell me when to stop—Ha—I may not be so easy to stop—Or do you think you can always stop me—If it was tonight I doubt if you could—Thats a challenge for sometime—Ha.

Say—That little joke about the truck and you was allright—but

I love you—x Walt x -2-

Honey—I guess you know I tho’t of it first but didn’t say it—H0. Ho. It sure is true tho.

I see you are picking up some Army slang—such as; “I’m about to do this” and “I’m not about to do this”—That is O.K.—unh—We usually say it like this—”I’m aboooot to do this or that” Ha.

I hope your dream means that I am coming home before the snow flies for I sure do want to.

“I’m not about “abooot” to walk without you baby”—”Guess you know that,” “I’m about to walk with my baby.”—that is some more “Army slang.” O.K. Unh.

Say Honey—I’m glad you aren’t about to like a “Milquetoast”—I like the compliment —Thank you.

Well Honey—They just blew “Chow so—Goodnight Sweetheart I Love you


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