13 September 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.







Sept. 13, 1942

I Love You.

Hello Sweetheart,

How is my Darling doing today?

I just ate “chow;—some kind of chicken stew or sompin’.—I would like to eat some of your Ma’s chicken someday. It is worth eating. By the way—I think I’ll try and write her a few times today if I can think of any thing to say.

This is a hot, windy Suday afternoon, the wind is dry—The kind of a days that make me feel more then ever like (I) coming home. It seems as if I’ll never get home doesn’t it? And every day that goes by sees me get (lonelier) more lonely for my Sweetheart. I sure do want to see her soon. It is on my mind continuously and all the time. I didn’t get to see the Captain Fri. for the simple reason that


he hasn’t come back yet. But I’m about to try as soon as he comes which will probably be tomorrow. Cross your fingers Honey—I guess I needn’t say that as you probably always do—If I don’t get to come home soon I sure am going to be one disgusted “G.I..”

We are going to move into our new barracks this coming week—I rather imagine it will be Mon. or Tues. It will be a lot better then—All the comforts of home—Yah! I forget now what the comforts of home mean. I haven’t been in anybody’s home for so long I wouldn’t know how to act. Ha.

I just found Pierce’s pen sticking in my bed roll so guess I will try it for awhile—The one I have is a thing of the past—It has written a lot of love letters to my Ruth tho—Will very likely write a lot more. If not It will be with a different one for I’m about to write a lot more.—(It) Pierce’s pen just ran out of ink so here I am again with my old standby.


There is a lot of dust here today—I just went to Mrs. Murphys and when I came back the paper she had dust all over—can you imagine.

Sgt. Funderburk, Cpl. Fields, Cpl, Rider, Cpl. Snell and Cpl. Pittman visited Junction City last night. Cpl. Rider left first with another Sgt. he met and came straight to bed as he was slightly under the weather. (12:00) Cpl. Fields was next in line to feel as if he ought to be in bed like a nice little fellow so Cpl. Pittman had to see that he reached Camp safely (3:00) A.M.—Sgt. F. and Cpl. Snell stayed in town until 8:00 this morning when they finally decided they should terminate their sojourn. All in all—etc. they spent a rather pleasant evening, night and morning—Now wasn’t that something.—Sho was! Just a bunch of G.I’s drowning (or sompin) their sorrows.


Nobody became rowdy.—Everything was kept under control much to my surprise.

I’m glad you aren’t following too closely in Twila’s footsteps when she starts drinking “Calverts” and etc. I don’t think it is any too becoming unless properly accompanied—do you?—Even for myself—It was very few times that I ever went into a joint by myself to get a drink—I have, but not often. Don’t misunderstand me—It’s allright only I felt pretty good when you said you weren’t drinking the stuff.—Now if I was there I’d try and see that you did take on 1 or 2 of them—Ha—In fact—someday I would like to see just what you would do—Wouldn’t you? Unh?

Well Honey—Guess I’m about talked out.—So,

Until Tomorrow

Good Afternoon Sweetheart

I Love You, I Love You

x Walt x



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