14 September 1942

Uh oh. Walt has a new troop commander and is not sure he will give him a furlough.

A transcript follows the letter images.





I Love You,

Sept. 14, 1942

Hello Ruth Darling,

Do you remember a mosquito bite or two in the Park one night when you were here? Well—If you want to see some you should be here now—I suppose you are glad you are not under these circumstances. Most of us fellows have our mosquito bar (netting) up and you can see mosquito lighting or landing or something on the outside—last night I didn’t use any and I have “bumps” all over me.

I am writing this in the orderly room as it is the only place that I know of where they can’t get in.

I may not be able to write to you tomorrow night as I understand we are going out over night—I hope so in away as it is rather interesting, I hope the mos—— aren’t too thick.

The letter I received from you today sounded like the answer to that lousy sermon I wrote. I liked you way of answering it very much, I am also very, very sorry it has


to be that way. Very, Very, Very sorry.

I am hoping and praying that I can see you soon—that sounds funny but it true. I never wanted to do any so much in my life as I want to come to (y) see you. I am going to try hard but don’t have the slightest idea whether I will make it or not. Our Capt. rather liked me I think and I might of obtained one from him but he was promotted [above line tt; below line t] to a Major so, now we have a new Troop Commander [above line m]—I don’t know how I will make out—I hope very much it is like we want it to be.

We had a nice Capt. before—I hope this one is as good but I doubt it.

Well Honey—time to say goodnight and sweet dreams—dream of me and I return the favor

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you

x Walt x

(– –––– –––)

[I love you in cursive, written entirely in small Xs]

x Walt x


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