15 September 1942

FYI at the top of page three, it looks like Walt started to write another letter heading, then stopped.

A transcript follows the letter images.







I Love You,

Sept. 15, 1942.

Hello Sweetheart,

How is my Ruth today? Fine as usual I hope.

Know what—Fields got a furlough today—I was glad he got one—I haven’t had any success as yet—but am still going to try.

I’m afraid this is going to be another short letter as I am almost out of ink and it would take me a little time to go get some as I am up in the orderly room again.

Honey—if you feel like getting a new suit go right ahead and get one—by all means—what is $.50 t compared to getting a good suit these times—You might not be able to get one later. (I’m) I would rather see you well dressed—That is one thing I like very much—I always want to see my sweetheart looking as good and one better then the rest.—Seeeeeeeee

Say—I would like to have one of those gin rickeys you said you had


I’ll bet it was good; Did just one drink cause you to write all over the page?—Ha

I’m still thinking about that suit—I think it is a good, good idea—don’t you—I know you want one—and I think you would look good in it—Yesm!

Gee Honey—I want to get home the worst kind of a way—If wishing and wanting will get one—I sure ought to be lucky;—When Fields left tonight I felt like the unluckiest person in the world—I reckon I to finally get lucky one of these days.—Don’t you think—Ive I’ve been writing the same thing ever since I left last January—wow!—last Jan.—That sure does seem like a long, long time—I used to say it seemed—I guess I can say it is a long time now. Can’t I?

I just read the letter you sent me last night over again—it sure was (is) a lovely letter—I guess were going to walk together aren’t we Honey—You bet we are.

We went on a 100 mi. motor march this afternoon—I drove one of the


I Love

Troop trucks with a load of men—I also played Volley Ball tonight and altogether I am rather tired. I am going t in to see the Troop C.O. tomorrow—but—I hope I’m not too late.—I suppose I am building up for an awful let down—Honey—I guess you might as well make up your mind that I can’t write about anything else tonight. Everytime I start on another subject I get turned around on furloughs—can you imagine. So don’t be a bit surprised if this turns out a big day dream.

The mosquitos are very bad again tonight and I mean bad—They sound like dive bombers. I stuck my arm out from under the netting last night and I heard a roaring, screaming sound—I jerked my arm back in and before


it could get leveled off—it tore a swath in the cement foor a couple of feet long—woke every body up in the tent—let me tell you I was scared—Ha—Pierce calls them “div boomers.”

Well Honey—I guess I had better say “Goodnight” for tonight—I’d better go to bed—I also have to “go” go and “wee-wee”—Ohhh—you bad boy isn’t that awful—you can give me a good spanking when and if I ever get home.—Well—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You, love you, love you

x Walt x

I love you (x xxxx xxx)


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