16 September 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.






I love you,

Sept. 16, 1942.

Hello Honey,

Prepare for a lousy letter because as usual—I an “pretty” sure that I’m not getting my furlough—and I’ll tell you I sure feel “bad“! I started to swear and “cuss” this morning and stopped just as quick—I just closed up like a clam—I guess you know when I don’t say anything I’m really “burned up.”—When I spout off I’m just mad. “No kidden” Honey—It sure does get my “goat”—So—

Guess I might just as well stop “cryin” about it.

I guess it is a good thing you have a girl friend like Twila—A person needs someone who is a good friend. It makes things much better, easier—somebody to confide in and vice versa. You say Twila needs a good letter—Well Honey—I would gladly write her but I couldn’t write


to her like I can to you—We don’t have anything in common like you and I do. I don’t know what to write about—besides when I have a sweetheart like you I don’t like to write to anyone else—especially another girl.—but if I can think of anything I will write her—don’t depend on it.

Sister Ruth wrote and told me Sib had joined the Army—It’s O.K. in away and in away I don’t like it—I guess Mom feels pretty bad about it. I tho’t that when I joined maybe that would release him—but it didn’t have any effect at all.

I guess Mom can take it tho—She’s made of pretty good steel I believe. I’ll have to write her a letter tonight and try to cheer her up a little. This war does funny things to people and families doesn’t it?

We have to fire revolvers this week, some of the fellows go to the range tomorrow—I go Fri.—I wish they had them stuck up sideways so far they would think they were made that way.


I Love you,                                                                                                               I love you,

I don’t think it was very economizing for me to start this page for I feel as if I have written almost all I can think of for tonight—Seems as if I can’t get started right these last few days.

You sure are building the little pile (u) up in a hurry aren’t you Honey—Better get that suit tho—Ha.

Well Honey—Hope I get home soon—

Goodnight Sweetheart

I love you very, very much

x Walt x

I Love You


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