19 September 1942

A transcript follows the letter images.





I Love You,

Sept. 19, 1942

Hello Sweetheart,

How is my Honey tonight, O.K. I hope.

I’m in a much better mood tonight don’t you think—Ha.

We moved into our new barracks today—they are very nice. I’m sure am glad we did—it is much cleaner and nicer.

We fired pistol yesterday—I was one of the three highest in the troop—I think I was 2nd. I made a score of 290 out of 375—it don’t sound like much but it is almost “Expert”—if I had had a good pistol for the last 15 shots I would of made “Expert.” The Troop C.O. and the Lt. both complimented me and would watch me shoot. Ha—They told me I wasn’t doing it the “Army way” but they didn’t care as long as I got results.

I may get a —— one of these days—Ha. Wise? Unh.


Say Honey—Maybe you need some sitting up exercises instead of a new corset—Reckon so? That looks bad—Ha.

You never can tell about that challenge, I may take you up on it. Ow-wow.

Tomorrow if we don’t have to clean up to long I will try to write a longer letter—I still have some things to do for inspection tomorrow. We are having one Sunday or no Sunday. Can you imagine that.

Well Honey—Goodnight for tonight

I Love You

I Love You

x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx)

(                  )



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