2 September 1942

Walt spells out how his pay is devoured every month, including sending $20 to Ruth every month. An image of the money order receipt Walt mentions is included after the envelope image.

A transcript follows the letter images.











Sept. 2, 1942.

I Love You

Hello Sweetheart,

I have some explaining to do. have I not? Yes indeed.

I haven’t written you for two days but I think you will forgive me when I tell you why.

I got paid on the 31st and went to Junction City—left your (mine) ring to have a piece taken out, it was just a little large, also left watch for another crystal and stem—I break ’em pretty regular.—The jeweler gave me a compliment on my ring, he said it was one of the nicest ones he’d seen—He don’t think near as much of it as I do—There is more too it then just a stone.

I bought a shirt also, I had to pay $3.95 for it—I couldn’t find one with the right size neck. It cost $1.70 to get it aldered and chevrons placed on it then

I Love You   2.   I do.

a pretty expensive shirt for a guy in the lower brackets. Ha. I had a few beers and it was 10:30 before I got back (Pierce and I.

Last night I went back and got the ring and watch back, everything is O.K. now.—Once more it was too late to write and raining like the devil.—

So—I write now—thees morn at 10:45—in the back end of my truck. Ha.

I received  the box from Ruby (Rae)—In case I don’t get to write her soon (((Thank her for me)))—She is pretty much O.K. with me.

I am going to send a Western Union money order with this, we might be able to use it someday—maybe some of these days I can get a fur——



I sure did like those fig cookies in Ruby’s box (cookie box), (Is my face red.)

Don’t you ever read a letter of mine or any portion thereof until you know what’s in it—Ha.

I’m glad you managed to get a day off—It always made me feel good when I knew I could do whatever I felt like instead of going to work.—Or maybe you didn’t know that unh? Or maybe you weren’t home when I used to take a day to ourselves once in awhile—Ha.—Wish I could do it again.

For some strange reason I sure have had the homecoming bug lately—I mean a stronger urge then usual (it is always strong enough.)


If anybody wants to know where our money goes—tell ’em this.

16.00 — Troop bills [(barber, Dry cleaning) insurance, laundry—(relief-voluntary)] [illegible cross out].
3.95 — Shirt
.39 — Chevrons
.20 — Insignia (shoulder).
.20 — Vitalis
.65 — Kiwi (shoe polish)
.40 — Lunch—to hell with the mess hall on payday.
2.75 — Repair of watch and ring.
.58 — shorts [sketch of shorts]—Ha.
20.00 — My Honey.
.25 — taxi—so I’d be sure and get back in time.
1.00 — slush fund—Troop (magazines etc.).
2.00 — pictures (Troop as a group)
1.10 — Shirt (remade—practically)
.18 — Stationary.
3.00 — Camels.
.30 — bus.

52.90 + $5.00 I had borrowed [one r above line; two below]
  5.00 [arrow pointing to previous line]


[unnumbered verso of page 4]

  3.00 — cash on hand—(my pocket) Ha.

$66.00 — Pay.
$5.10 —foolish spending on 1 night a month. (we don’t do much as you “kin plainly see”) Ha.

[Written vertically below net amount] This is what I spent for beer on myself and friends on for pay night—not too bad unh?


In case anybody thinks were geting [one t above line; two below] rich tell em to go to the place where bad boys go.

Well Honey—Will finish later on in day or this evening. Until then

Good Morning Darling.

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


Hello Sweetheart—

Here I am again—It is raining like the devil—the sides of the tent are down and it is so dark in here I can hardly see.

It rained so hard during “bean” time that we didn’t even go to the Mess Hall—I finished up the box of ruby’s cookies (Pierce and I)—I saved out the best ones for he and I.—Ha—

Well Honey—Guess I’d better sign off

Good Evening Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

x xxxx xxx


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