21 September 1942

This is the last letter from September, unless there is one hidden somewhere or lost, and Walt is planning to move the garage tomorrow. Otherwise, nothing exciting.

A transcript follows the letter images.





I Love You,

Sept. 21, 1942

Hello Ruth,

How are we doing today?—Thats good I knew you were doing allright.

I took my first ride on a motorcycle today—what a ride—It was like a “buckin’ bronc” for I rode it accross country and not on a road—I managed to stick with it tho and didn’t fall. It is a lot of fun but a trifle dangerous. I’d like to do it more but probably won’t get much of a chance.

I like you and your songs—the ones you pick and the way you use them—Ha.

It looks very much like rain tonight, at least we won’t be in tents—where we all get damp and cold. It is much better in barracks except we have more work—I’m very allergic to work.

We move our garage tomorrow—we are moving it into a smaller building which will be a disadvantage. There


won’t be much room to move around and we will have to park part of the vehicles outside—that will be bad this winter.

I’m awfully dry tonight, am I not Honey—Can’t think of much to say except the same old story—didn’t do much—probably won’t either.

I can say—I am looking at the picture of the sweetest girl I know. The one person who has and will always have my heart—soul(d), my love and me all in one piece. She is my Honey and

I love her

I love You

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

(x xxxx xxx)

(                  )


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