5 September 1942

There are two photos included with this letter, one of Walt in his truck and the other of a coal mine back home. I’m guessing that last photo is one that his friend Bert Hawkins sent of places around his home. He mentioned a while ago receiving a number of such photos. There is a number (18a) on the back of that mine photo, but I’m guessing it was already written there, and not part of Walt’s caption.

A transcript follows the letter images.










I Love You,

Sept. 5, 1942

Hello Ruth Darling,

How is my honey tonight? She is (verly) very likely home tonight, isn’t she—would to God I was—I’m regusted! This damn hole is getting me down—No kid inning!

Sure wish I could see you—Sweetheart—I’d fly right at you (I) and let you brush my hair back—I used to like that.

Tomorrow is Sun., Mon. is Labor Day—Last year I was very happy, this year I wouldn’t give a “hoot” if the ground opened up——

I guess I’d better come out of that hadn’t I?—Yep.


Didn’t get a letter today, probably get two tomorrow. I sure do (g) miss them. Serves me right tho—Cause you probably feel the same way when I don’t write. I always can depend on getting them tho. if not one day then the next—that is something I can say for you that you can’t say for me. I’m not quite so dependable as you are. When I’m not writing tho I’m thinking about you Honey—Guess you know that don’t you?

You know—if there wasn’t a guy here like Pierce—I’d go over the hill. He is the best in the land—I wish you and I could go out on a “double” with him—I’ll bet you would die laughing at him. He is a real pal too—He has been trying to borrow $5 for me all evening—he worries more about a friend of his then anybody I ever saw.

-2- [ probably means 3]

He’d give you the shirt off his back and isn’t afraid of anything that walks, talks, creeps, crawls or makes faces. He’s a real pal.

If you smell smoke you’ll know I’m smoking one of my cigars.—If you smell anything funny—it is Vitalis on my hair—If you smell anything real funny—Guess? Ha.

I’m sending you a snapshot of me siting in my truck. Right underneath where my arm is your name is now painted in bright yellow letters. Ha—Every guy in the garage who drives a truck was supposed to put a girls name on his truck—So everybody put their best girls so I had to put yours. I don’t see anything about a truck to remind me of you, it might be a lucky blessing for me tho. Tank so?


Pierce is here cussing in his slow drawling way cause he can’t find his slacks and don’t know whether he sent them to the cleaners or somebody stole them. Ha

I have a picture here to send you of the troop—it is a good clear picture—I’m afraid it will get crushed tho—I’ll have to get some stamps too.

Well Honey—Guess I’ll have quit for tonight

See you tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

more then ever

x Walt

[at an angle]

I Love You


Photo of Walt driving a truck.

Caption: Hi ya Honey

Back of photo: I wish this was a bomber with wings sticking out on each side for 50,000 ft. Ha

Photo of mine entrance.

Back of photo: A coal mine I used to haul coal from Some dump.




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