6 September 1942

For all the times Walt has expressed pride in being in the cavalry (although he seemed to like horses better than trucks), he finally tells how he would really feel about flying.

Walt mention his little sister Doris, calling her “a little ‘smoker.'” I blogged about that term smoker back in 2012 when I was scanning letters. It might be worth your while reading it again: 1940’s Slang.

A transcript follows the letter images.









Sept. 6, 1942.

I love you,

Dear Miss Dailey, Ruth to me,

My most precious little sweetheart,—How are you today? Fine.—Good. I would be too if I were in Youngstown—I am O.K. now but would feel much better with you.

This pen sure is foaming at the mouth today—I couldn’t keep up with it at first. One of my buddies just came in with a new pen so I’m trying it out—It don’t work bad. Guess I’ll have to get one, one of these days.

I went to see the “Eagle Squadron” today (and) at the post theatre, it isn’t bad—nor good either. Some planes in it tho. They were interesting.

For some reason I can’t think of much to say now—don’t know


why—just can’t.

It quit raining last night for the first time since I wrote and told you about it. They stopped trains out here in a few places because of high water. It is sultry today, rather uncomfortable.

I wish this was a year ago today, or rather a continuation of those days. They were the happiest ones I have ever spent.

It is too bad that a person has to take the bitter with the sweet. I guess it is to preserve the sweet things that (in this case) we have to take the bitter.

I am going Tues. to get some more “dope” on the Cadet proposition, cross your fingers for me Ruth—If I make it I will probably get a short furlough. I also would like to make a few streaks across (some) a German sky. Probably never will but if I have to be in the Army—that


is what I’d like to do.

I guess that is the first time I ever told the truth of that little deal. If I ever have to fight I want to do it from a plane. That would be the best in my opinion, Zooooommmm!

If I don’t make that you can figure on getting a slow, steady, home loving husband. Do you believe that? If you do go bite a chunk out of that table leg—Ha.—

If I do get it you could be even surer more sure—I would probably get enough “zooming” to last me.

Just B.S. Honey—I guess you know I probably never would be so slow—But you can bet that I sure would love our little home.


Are you going on a plane ride with me someday?—If you say “Yes” maybe I’ll be lucky.

I ask you once if you would go riding (horseback). You said yes and be gorry! months and months later we did. I hope that some day I can send you a pair of “Silver Wings” to wear.

Listen to me talk would you, and I probably wont even get out of the 15th. Cav. Ha.

If I keep on smoking these cigars your Grandmother sent me, she is going to have to send me some more because much as I have (did hate) the filthy things I believe I am beginning to like these. I reach into the box a little more oftener now.

So your Dad has a new girl friend unh?—And you are running into a little comp—— are you?

That Doris is a little “smoker”


isn’t she?—Life bubbles out of her like a spring. Don’t you worry about it tho—If anybody ever wants to trade you off I’ll be the highest bidder—Besides your Dad is your “buddy”—I know that . Ha. He is a real guy. Your whole fam damily is alright. Perfectly alright. With a minor exception and she sends me cigars—Ha. I sure wish I could go there again. If I ever get the chance to see my Honey—When I leave the suction if going to take these tents right off the ground (when I leave).

Tomorrow is “Labor Day” Honey—Just a “blue Monday here—except for memories—Sweet ones. You won’t be dreaming of me falling off


of a fire tower tho. Ha.

Say Ruth—my Darling—do you ever have any more of those dreams. Walking across a lake or something like that. Unh? Guess you must have been (com) walking over to see me Unh? Ha. ‘Member the night I swam accross one—Oh me!

Say Honey—I am ashamed of myself for not thanking you before this for making me the [ben——(receiver) Ha] of your insurance policy. Thanks a million. (I’ll nev) It will never do me any good tho—Don’t you know—you are never going to cash in on it. I betcha.

Well Honey—I guess I’ve written all that I can think of for tonight


Until Tomorrow

Goodnight Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x

(– –––– –––)

(                       ) x xxxx xxx (                          )

Love You, love you, love you, love you.



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