8 September 1942

It sounds like Ruth has been pressuring Walt to get married because she envies other couples, but he tries to be the voice of reason. Don’t worry, Ruth will get her way before the year is out.

A transcript follows the letter images.









Sept. 8, 1942

I Love You,

Dearest Ruth,

Sweetheart—If you ever took a look at three little words, take a good look at(h) the three written above, and then believe them with all your heart and soul because they are coming straight from my soul.

I received your letter today, in fact two of them. I think you know which letters I mean. It actually makes me feel funny, I mean queer inside that any girl like you can possibly (make a) like a guy like me so much. I never received a letter in my life that meant so much to me; Neither have I ever received one that I hate so much to answer in this way, because it isn’t the way I feel.

I feel like answering it as you

[unnumbered page 2]

wrote to me, In the same tone, with the same feeling—Honest, I could see you looking at me.

But God willing I’ll try to be the one who, for once in our life can do the reasoning. And Honey—I don’t know how. It hurts me to have to hurt you. If there is anything I can’t stand it is something unpleasant happening to you.

I thought at first we could get married, I want to with all my heart, but don’t you think we had better wait awhile.

You said in your (let) letter that maybe I ought to give you a good (let) lecturing. Honey, don’t ever think for a minute I’m doing that. I’m not good enough, or smart enough, nor man enough to lecture to a girl like you. And if I was I wouldn’t

[unnumbered page 3]

do it.

You speak of Mildred and the way she was, what she has now and what you do not have. Ruth, never feel sorry for the way you have lived, feel sorry for Mildred. She maybe happy now—but maybe later on she won’t be quite so happy. While Honey—you have lost nothing—every particle of pleasure is yours—yet to come:—You haven’t anything to look back to that might be a shadow. You can look forward to the best that life has to offer. Things look and are very dull and dark now, but they won’t always be.

I just read that last paragraph and it sounds like a sermon—too much of a one—but it is the truth.

The people who suffer the most

[unnumbered page 4]

are always the ones who come out the best in the long run.

I know you think that your being good has paid you no dividends, but Honey—it has. I’m not much, but it has won the highest regard for (any one person) (you) that it will be possible for me to give anyone. So Honey—you can take it can’t you—Remember, I said you were like strong steel that will bend and bend and bend but never break. Tho Honey—you maybe bending a little, you’ll never break will you? Just take it easy and try and wait a little—I’ll be coming back. And when I come back for good, you will be glad you took it all.

I am going in and see the Troop Commander Fri. for a short furlough.

I found out today that I won’t

[unnumbered page 5]

be able to get a long one like I tho’t at first. They quit doing that 4 or 5 mos. ago but I didn’t know until today.

Although we won’t be able to get married—It will probably do us some good to see each other for awhile. I sound in this letter like I’m sure of one—I’m not but I’m going to try—and hard.

I passed all my tests successfully, but it might be 4 or 5 months before I ever get called. Maybe never. One never knows.

Well Ruth—I’m ending now—I hate to leave—Just like I used to hate to leave you—but—

Goodnight Sweetheart.—

I Love You

x Walt x

Whenever you are feeling blue—”I’ll be right beside you Ruth—Just as I belive that you are always with me.”


x Walt x



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