1 December 1944

Walt gets to fly the P-51 and the P-40 on the same day and compares them.

A transcript follows the letter images.


Dec. 1, ’44

Good Evening Sweetheart

How is my Honey tonight? Okey Dokey? I an fine and better—So I must be alright.

I got a letter from a sweet little lady I know—comes from Ohio I think—Sure is a Honey—My Honey I reckon. Got one yesterday also—I must be getting popular eh?—Well—As long as those letters keep coming everything will be O.K.

I flew the P-51 this morning and the ’40 this afternoon—I finally met a plane that I like better then the ’39 and you know how I liked it.—Well this 51 is like the 39 but twice as good—It is a beautiful little airplane—Perfectly wonderful—one of those jobs you treat with respect, like a woman you know—A rather fast young lady it is too.—I just simply can’t tell you how much I like it.

When I get one of my own I think I’ll call it “Hi Honey”—That is the way your letters start—If you can think of a better one let me know. And I go into a conference with W. E. and (think) see what he thinks of it.

[unnumbered page 2]

Had a bomb mission today also—These are the kind of days I like—when I fly four or five or six hours.—That is one thing I’ve never been able to get enough of.

I went down to see J. J. tonight—He seems to be feeling a lot better—His hand doesn’t hurt as much as it did at first—He is getting a little restless also—That is a good sign. He is a pretty good boy.

I heard that Marty is in the Hospital with Dengue fever—It is something like Malaria—And is carried by mosquitoes—I don’t know how he is now—He aren’t at the same place any longer.

I hope you managed to get up to see Aunt Ruth—She stated in a letter that she hadn’t seen you for ages but supposed you were busy,—I’m guilty of not writing to her altho I managed to get a letter of to her the other day.

Well Honey

May the months (for this period) go fast and as soon as I get home—time can stop.

Good Night Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x



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