10 December 1944

Walt gets to see a movie not released until 1945, Saratoga Trunk:

A transcript follows the letter images.



And Good Evening Dear One—

I’ll bet you say—Yeah, dear one!—Hasn’t written in three days—”Dear one” he says—Ha.—

Well—Sounds awful I know—But I’ve been busy Honey not too busy to write but you know pretty busy—I been flying quite a bit lately—Glad of it too.

Garner was picked up. O.K.—The other guy is a guest of Davy Jones.

J.J. Dubost went home last night—I mean started on the way.—Sorry and yet glad to see him go.

What do you know—Franklin bailed out today but was rescued—lucky eh what.—We’ve really been having experiences around here lately—Just like a movie only real.

About Christmas Honey—and those addresses—Remember what you can and when another Christmas rolls around we’ll start doing things as they should be—

Reckon this will be a lonely Christmas for us—but—in way I’ll be happy—Christmas is the day.

How is the new fur coat—You haven’t told me how it looks.—By the way I want a Christmas present from you

[unnumbered page 2]

I want some pictures—Snapshots I want to see you so bad even a picture will help.—even if you have to hire a photographer or rent a camera off him.—Give me one in you fur coat—in dresses—with snow—in your birthday suit—pin up pictures—just pictures.—See Honey.

(Say) Saw a good picture—wait til I think of the name—Oh yeah. “Saratoga Trunk”—Wow—what a picture—what a babe—what a holy smokes—You ought to see it.

Well Honey

Love and best wishes—

I’ll wish you a very, very merry christmas

Merry Christmas—

May we be together on coming anniversaries—I’m taking a drink to this right now.

I Love You

x Walt x



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