12 December 1944

So, is that what Garner meant by losing an ear, that he lost his hearing?

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Afternoon Dream Girl.

How is my charming wife this December day?—Bet her cheeks are rosy red from cold weather—Wish I could go tripping merrily thru the snow with you—time enough for that later—But I’d like to do it now.

Remember that one walk we had Home thru the snow when my jalopy failed to percolate—Ha.

Boy oh boy—I’d like to see you write now, walking around in your bare feet—in scanties—with nothing particular to do—If I wouldn’t grab you and give you a tight squeeze—And a kiss—ummm.—Hope to tell you I would—I’d be in 7th heaven

I wasn’t going to tell you until things happened as—they might not go thru—But—we four were put in for our Firsts about a month ago—thei Mine might bounce tho—because of my Snafuing one day as I have told you—We should know in a few weeks.

I guess I told you—maybe I didn’t tho—Garner is going home—They found out that he is gradually

[unnumbered page 2]

losing his hearing—So—

Well—Franklin and I are the only ones left now out of the famous four—I’m glad it is Franklin that is with me.


I want to get this in the mail—


Good day my Dear

I Love You

Will always love you

x Walt.

Save an especially large kiss for me to day—I’d like one.


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