13 December 1944

Walt’s C.O. compliments him on his flying, and it means a lot to him.

A transcript follows the letter images.



Hello Sweetheart—

Good Morning Lovely Lady I should say—for it is only 0730.—Rather early to be writing isn’t it?

Well—I have a half hour before leaving for a mission so I thought I’d write and tell you how sweet you are—I’ll probably always be trying to do the impossible—you’re just too sweet for words.

Have a stick of gum and a cig. Honey, You’re welcome.

I was transfered from “C” Flt. to “B” Flt. last evening. For a few days I’ll be acting

[unnumbered page 2]

Flt. leader—until the Flt. leader get back from leave. Franklin is ass’t Flt. leader in “C” Flt. now.—That is what I’ll be after the guy gets back.

If we don’t “foul up” now we may be in a lucky spot.

Our C.O. called me in last night and told me “Frank” and I had been doing a very good job and were very satisfactory.—that we shown ourselves capable of leading missions and Flights.—And if we turn out alright now we will be the next Flt. Leaders.—Which i certainly would like to be—It

[unnumbered page 3]

would mean getting our Captaincy before we go home.—I really don’t know—They are talking of shipping some “rank” into the Sqd. if they do that it is hard to tell what might happen. So don’t build your hope up for me.—I’ll very likely Snafu.—Even if I do I’ll know that at least my flying was good en enough to be tho’t well of. That is something.

How are you and your little ole fur coat coming—”Both of them I mean”—Ouch—Honey don’t slap so hard.

[unnumbered page 4]

Well—Dearest One—the sun is getting higher in the sky—So I’d better run before your “hubby” gets home—

Be good and I’ll see you either tonight or on the morrow

Take it easy

I Love You

I Love You

I Love You

x Walt x

I believe I could give you an extra long, sweet kiss this morning—And maybe two.—

When did you say I’m coming home? As long as your sure,—I’ll be there on the dot.


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