20 December 1944

A transcript follows the letter images.



Good Morning Lottle Sweetheart—

Don’t know how I am going to write to you this morning—My head is pounding—heart also—butterflies in my stomach and shaking hands and—Tsk, tsk must have got drunk out last nite. Yes thats it—our day off—today,—So some of us got inebriated—Ha.

I recieved a lovely letter from you yesterday—Smells purty also—um! Can’t understand why you haven’t heard from me for three weeks tho—I haven’t been writing as often I know—but—more often then that.

Tell Sib Hello—I won’t be able to get over to see him—Gotto work. Ha

So Elizabeth has the “Pox”—eh—Ha—Bet she is a “Heller” in the house all the time—As for babies I guess we’ll have to wait awhile—[illegible]

Ruby and Howard are home and fighting as usual—Ha—wish I could be home to fight with

[unnumbered page 2]

you—I’d slap your face with a great large kiss—two or three times—a minute.

Hell Honey—If I were you I’d get my hair washed and fixed by somebody else all the time.—Unless you get a kick out of doing it yourself—which usually give a headache.

Cold and wind blowing 60 per your shivering—My best day dreams are keeping you warm in the winter—What a day or night that will be—I don’t won’t care if you stick you ice cold feet on me—I suppose you’ll remember that statement for years—Why did I say it.—Yeah—I’d probably have a gleam in my eye also—Ha.

A couple of years ago you were practically on the road to dear old San Antone.—Eh—Glad you were rather strong willed—

Good Morning Sweetheart

I Love You

x Walt x


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